Panasonic to Unveil a Rangefinder-styled GX7 MFT Camera Next Month


Styling your mirrorless camera after retro rangefinder cameras of old is popular among camera makers these days, and it appears that the next company to jump onto the bandwagon will be Panasonic. Late next month, the company will be announcing a new Micro Four Thirds camera called the GX7 — the company’s first rangefinder-styled camera.

An idea of what the camera looked like emerged earlier this month after Dutch photo site DIGIFOTO Pro discovered patent illustrations showing the camera:


This first illustration looks like a standard product shot showing the camera at an angle. Korean website DICAHUB took the image and created the colorized version seen at the top of this post. That image is what the camera will likely look like.

Here are some of the other patent illustrations:




43 Rumors writes that the camera’s design was inspired by the Panasonic L1 Four Thirds camera:


The spec list will reportedly include: an 18-megapixel Bayer sensor, in-body 2-axis camera stabilization (the first for a Panasonic camera), a pop-up flash, a tilting built-in electronic viewfinder, and a tilting LCD screen.

As for the price, 43 Rumors writes that the camera will be relatively pricey compared to other Micro Four Thirds bodies — the body-only price is said to be a little more than $1,000. We’ll have a full announcement on this camera come late August 2013.

  • David Liang

    What Rangefinder is this styled as? It looks like an NEX-5n/r with the top panel and viewfinder of an NEX-6.

    Fuji/Olympus make rangefinder styled cameras…this looks like interchangeable lens compact.

  • Mike A

    No…it looks like an L1.

  • DaBrain

    All aboard the Fuji train. Canon and Nikon will be next with their “retro” cameras.

  • E

    At least Canon and Nikon (unlike Panasonic) have a history to base their “retro” cameras on. Some fine rangefinders from the past.

  • David Liang

    Whoa, you’re right looks almost identical to the L1

  • Nate Matos

    Canons were Leica knockoffs and Nikons were Contax knockoffs.

    Not all that much of a real history.

  • E

    Eh…? And Ford was a Daimler-Benz knock off.. what isn’t a remix? They developed worthy rangefinders in the end anyway.

  • Patrick

    I agree Mr. E!

  • markz

    not really “rangefinder styling” sometimes I get the feeling that if there’s no viewfinder hump on an EVIL it’s automatically given “range finder” styling tag by the press
    the closest I can see is the drop in the top plate to bring the top of the control wheel level with the top of the camera but I can look at my film camera collection and see an easy dozen rangefinders that don’t do that, and a couple of point and shoots that do.