One-of-a-Kind Lens Bracelets Made from Vintage Aperture and Focus Rings


Stefaan duPont and his girlfriend set out to travel the world for a year in March 2012, taking their cameras with them and leaving their careers as designers behind. That year served only to intensify duPont’s love of photography, and when he returned, he mixed that love with another of his passions: taking stuff apart.

What resulted was a series of one-of-a-kind vintage camera lens bracelets created using old aperture and focus rings — first made as gifts for family and friends, and now available to purchase.


The bracelets are put together from old, broken camera lenses the duPont has collected over the years, and each is unique. Unfortunately, unique also translates into “not cheap.” The 11 bracelets he currently has up on the newly opened online store range in price from $225 to $290.

But if you think that’ll keep people from buying them, think again: all but 1 one of the bracelets is already sold out.


To check out the bracelets for yourself and keep an eye out as he adds more, head over to duPont’s online store here. And if you want to learn more about his and his girlfriend’s travels around the world (photos and all) check out the trip’s website Mile & Miles by clicking here.

(via Colossal)

P.S. If you want some cheaper lens bracelet options, check out the focal length and ‘pro series‘ rubberized bracelets we covered previously.

  • Jake

    $225?? Give me a $10 lens from ebay, a $5 metal file, and any hard blunt object for general breaking, and I can make literally the exact same thing. In fact, seeing how these are selling, maybe I will!

  • Adam Correia

    I find the price a bit high quite honestly. What is stopping anyone from buying a used film lens for dirt cheap and doing this themselves? A cutting tool and a grinder is all you need to make this happen. I do appreciate art and have no problem paying for it, but I just couldn’t justify it in this case. A REALLY cool idea though! :)

  • George Wallace

    0.99p spares or repairs lenses on ebay, swift whack against the kitchen counter. Boom, a ‘$290′ bracelet…

  • harumph

    Cool, but the price is absolutely insane.

  • Lee Young

    There’s a difference between “I can make this” and “I made this”. One exists, the other doesn’t.

  • Matthew Wagg

    Just goes to show that you can sell snow to Eskimos

  • DamianM

    A fool and his money with a near lack of imagination or common sense.

  • zaakir

    Amen lol. People are always trying to get over in this country. sad…

  • Zos Xavius

    Seems to work for people on Etsy.

  • Choen Lee

    Ouch. Pain I feel in high quantity for the old lens that some other people might still find useful for original use.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Yup! DIY!

  • levitor

    All I have to say to the seller….thanks for the idea! Go F yourself :D