Pixelist Turns Your Favorite Instagrams into Hand-Made Oil Paintings


There a good few Instagram-related services out there that offer you different ways to print, send and/or use your favorite Instagram shots. From Postagram, which lets you send your Instagrams as (sometimes free) postcards to friends, to the Nike web app that allowed you to decorate your sneakers based on an Instagram photo, we’ve seen quite a few applications.

The most recent idea to catch our eye is Pixelist, and it’s gotten our attention because, unlike any of the rest, it turns your Instagrams into a hand-crafted product.

Currently looking for funding on Indiegogo, Pixelist is a service that pairs Instagram photographers with artists that will turn your favorite snaps into hand-made oil paintings. Here’s a quick intro to the service:

Creators Will Freeman and Conor Colwell have spent months finding the best artists and negotiating prices that won’t be out of reach for the typical Instagram user. And as part of the Indiegogo campaign, a limited number of paintings will be available at extremely low prices.

The final products are put together by Chinese art-school grads living in Xiamen, and the quality of the paintings is very impressive:




You can check out a full photo gallery of comparisons between original Instagram shot and Pixelist oil painting by clicking here. And if you’re already sold on the idea and have a picture in mind, head over to the campaign page sometime over the next 19 days and select any of the $90-$1,000 perk packages depending on the size and type of picture you’d like painted for you.

  • Will Freeman

    Thanks for the coverage guys! Readers please do check us out and feel free to send any queries to pixelistart (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Will Mederski

    love it!

    but i want to know more about the artists in Xiamen. the first thing i thought was “yay! put art students to work!” and am totally glad you are employing artists. but it would have been great to see a partnership with US students / schools.

  • Will Freeman

    Hi Will. Thanks for the comment. We’re just starting out, but our plan is to eventually feature artists on our site so customers can chose their painter. We are nowhere near this yet, but our hope is to be able to feature any great artist that wishes to participate.

  • Jonathon

    Yes but it still isn’t made with real paint.

  • Alan Klughammer

    does it have to be “real paint?
    I bet the instagram shots in the article are not painted with “real” archival oils either, most likely acrylics (not that that is a bad thing, but let me continue).
    A purpose of art is the visual appeal of the image. the piece by eric above is quite nice. What it is made of is less relevant depending on the purpose.
    As an example, I do a bit of art reproduction. Photographing fine art to make printed reproductions. These high end reproductions still sell for 3 to 4 hundred dollars, but they look great, and the people buying them love them, even though they are not made with paint.
    Sorry Will, I think your project will do relatively well, but it is not for me.