Death Defying POV Videos Show You the World Through a Parkour Athlete’s Eyes

Here’s something that’ll get your adrenaline pumping this Friday morning. Cambridge, UK resident and parkour athlete James Kingston of the Ampisound team recently went on a jaunt through some of the best parkour spots in the city, and he strapped a camera to his head so we could experience the trip first hand.

First off, we should start by saying that you shouldn’t try this at home. On the bright side, thanks to Kingston, you don’t really have to. The experience is all there for you in the video. Keep in mind, this is the same James Kingston who dangled from a 250ft tall crane and when asked “Did you go up there to die,” replied, “I didn’t go up there to die. I went up there to live.”

Check out that vertigo-inducing video here:

Scaling construction sites, jumping across rooftops and vaulting walls (not to mention hanging from cranes), both videos are likely to get you adrenaline pumping without you even standing up from your desk chair. On the down side, you might feel a bit lazy and/or out of shape when that happens.

To see more crazy stunts performed by Kingston or the rest of his team members over at Ampisound, head over to Kingston’s YouTube Channel or Facebook page, or check out Ampisound’s website.

(via Laughing Squid)

P.S. In case the gamers our there are wondering, the Ampisound team also felt inclined to mention that any resemblance between the top video and the video game Mirror’s Edge is totally and completely intended.

  • Julien

    I almost died watching the second video.

  • niXerKG

    First one was pretty cool, second one was NOPE.

  • Chris

    Mirror’s Edge 2 anyone ?

  • Aaron Lee Kafton

    …I can’t do a pullup

  • Anthony Harden

    While watching the second video I found myself panicking and yelling at the screen. The man is insane. But wow, compelling.

  • df

    love it. Not something i think i would get involved in, but love it. It’s kind of interesting if you really think about it.. How you see animals like monkeys in a forest and what they can do in trees.. Why are humans so incapable? I suppose we aren’t when in shape, with practice and disciplined. It’s quite natural i think.

  • df

    Not sure i understand the cliche phrases ending in “anyone?” as if it means something, but i was thinking along that line too. Parkour’s been around before the video game of course though :)

  • D. Benjamin

    Smooth and surreal-flow and beautiful. Props to the monkey-athletes of the world reminding us what we’re capable of.

  • Ken


  • df

    yeah.. a bit excessive i thought too.. … i mean common dude, why not use a piece of your hair next to tie yourself to it.. just to outdo everyone else.. There comes a point of stupidity too.

  • fdss

    Dang! Mirrors edge 2 tech demo is looking nuts

  • Jared Monkman

    I hear ya! Pushups are a stretch these days! the only thing I curl is my camera!

  • Ieuan

    i’d like to know what cam he used, such fluid movement. amazing videos.

  • Matt

    He actually did something subtle but really smart there: he went to the end of the crane that was over the water.
    Sure, he’ll have about four seconds of hang time, but it’s survivable.
    And the world record for high diving is 172′ … about a 3.3s fall. It’d hurt, but done right-

  • Yohann

    Well, i’m pretty sure we would be dead.

    Hitting the water at that speed is like concrete.

  • slatsg

    That first guy is not going to have functioning knees by the time he’s 40. Cool though.