Microsoft Kills Flickr and Facebook Photo Integration in Windows 8.1


When Windows Phone and Windows 8 came out, Microsoft was eager to point out that the photos app on both systems was built to pull in photos from social networks and sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr automatically. The Windows 8.1 update, however, is scrapping integration from both of those sources, in addition to dropping support for network storage.

The reason, according to the Microsoft Community Forum post that brought the issue to light, is that Facebook and Flickr integration was only a temporary fix until more developers got Windows 8 apps ready to go.

“In Windows 8, we wanted to provide a way for folks to view their photos on other services knowing there would be few (if any) apps in the store at launch that would do so.” said a Microsoft spokesperson on the forum. “Now there are many apps in the store that offer ways to view photos on other services and soon there will even be a Facebook app from Facebook […] We welcome Flickr to do the same.”


Judging by the response to that answer, the community part of the Community Forum wasn’t pleased. Yes, third parties such as Facebook and Flickr can — and in the case of Facebook, have already committed to — build apps, but most users don’t see that as an excuse to remove functionality prematurely.

Of course, it’s not all bad news. The new Windows 8.1 photos app does add some minor editing functionality, as well as a Photosynth panoramic option that automatically stitches together scenes, allowing you to easily create 360-degree photo spheres.

But when it comes to Facebook and Flickr integration, the answer from the spokesperson seems final. Windows users will either have to stick with Windows 8 and not upgrade, or do without until Facebook and Flickr create official apps.

(via The Verge)

  • Bill

    Not sure what Microsoft os up to, but if they are trying to follow the Kodak method of driving a company into the ground, then they are right on track.

  • maharith

    is there any approximation date, when they will do that (facebook, Fliker)

  • Alan Dove

    The strategy is pretty obvious. Everyone now wants to be Facebook, forcing as much user data as possible through pipes they can control and mine. Microsoft needed to eliminate the direct integration with Facebook and Flickr so that those outlets would have to be piped through the company store. It’s the same reason Google killed Reader, by the way – that service connected users directly to their news feeds, without Google’s mediation. Now they want everyone to use G+ so they can reinsert themselves into that transaction.

    The first web business model was all about “disintermediation.” Now the upstart companies that championed that approach have become huge, and have decided that they want to be middlemen after all.

  • when the wind blows

    people actually WANT to use windows? whats wrong with this world, haha