Nikon’s Taiwan Repair Center Can Fix Up Your Broken Lens… And Make it White


Shoot with Nikon DSLR gear and want to give your lens a paint job? Instead of doing it yourself—which, by the way, can produce some neat results—you can send your lens over to the Nikon Repair Center in Taiwan. In addition to fixing up damaged lenses–sometimes by boiling the parts in water—the center can also give your lens a sleek, white paint job.

Over on the official Nikon Repair Center Taiwan blog, there are a number of posts documenting lens repairs and paint jobs.

The photograph above is a before-and-after comparison of a beat up Nikon 70-200mm lens that the repair center fixed up and turned white. Here’s another one:


The repair center has also shot a series of photos showing what the whitened lenses look like up close:







Here are some additional photos of custom painted white Nikon lenses:






Oh… and they can also do red:


You can find more of these photos, as well as photographs of lenses and cameras being repaired, over on the Nikon Repair Center Taiwan blog.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credits: Photographs by Nikon Repair Center

  • Tobias Vincent Solem


  • Mike

    I’m not going to lie, I kinda like the red one.

  • Aleksandar

    I would paint mine in metallic blue.

  • yin

    I wonder how much it cost

  • Glen

    Ok if you wanted a canon you should have just bought one in the first place. But I have to agree the red one is way cool.

  • addorange

    If I use the red one, can I shoot three times faster?

  • addorange

    If I use the red one, can I shoot three times faster?

  • Ian

    Canon envy?

  • Eric

    I’ll keep mine black. I don’t know why canon paints theirs white, IMO it looks like stupid.

  • miklos

    that’s yellow!

  • MiguelK

    The red one looks pretty cool!

  • Al

    It’s because white reflects light. A white lens doesn’t get as hot in the sun as a black lens. Less chance of breakdown.

  • David

    Yeah, that’s right, i want my lens to stick out like a sore thumb so that everyone will notice ME! Not! ;->

  • Michael Palmer

    Shoulda woulda coulda.. bought a Canon!

  • Genkakuzai

    Some sick restoration skills, for sure.

  • Adam Cross

    A friend of mine has a white Nikkor 70-200mm, he bought it second-hand and I assumed that Nikon just did a limited run of white lenses, maybe whoever he bought it from had it done in Taiwan ^_^

  • Genkakuzai

    Nikon has made white lenses themselves.

  • Genkakuzai

    Since they use fluorite elements yes.

  • Adam Cross

    absolutely right, I’ve just never seen them before, apart from my friends one. I know Nikon produced white lenses before Canon ever did but you just don’t ever see them!

  • Genkakuzai

    Aye they’re definitely something of a rarity :) Don’t think I’ve even seen one irl.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Why get a lens with red ring when you can get a lens with a red everything?

  • Ольга Савченко

    It looks stunningly delicious

  • Савченко Ольга

    It was a miracle! How do they do it?

  • David Portass

    Because Canon L lenses (although not all) use Fluorite in their glass elements that shrink/expand in heat and cold affecting the image quality. Nikon doesn’t use Fluorite in their glass so don’t have this problem.

  • Jeffrey Friedl

    Until I saw the red one I thought they were just using old cream replacement parts, ’cause as other commenters have noted, Nikon used to make both black and cream of many of their pro zooms. (My 70-200/2.8 is cream: ). I wonder whether for the red they use the cream plastic as the base?

  • IT Rush

    What the heck, needed some makeover for my old nikon.. this one is simply amazing..

  • Doug Gibbons

    Actually it also has more to do with marketing of their “Brand”.
    White stands out in the crowd and you know it’s a “Canon”.

  • Elton Carolus

    Looks better than Canon’s one imho…

  • Ian

    I agree – the gold looks fancier than the silver on my lenses. Also, I was just kidding about the envy part – I just thought it was too funny not to say it. Not a fanboy – these days you can’t go wrong with any of the top brands.

  • Sean

    Sony is doing White now too on their high end lenses.

  • Sky

    Canon has (almost) white lenses, Sony has white lenses, Pentax has white lenses, and now… even Nikon joins the club! hehehe :)

  • Sky

    What do you mean by “now” ? Minolta was the first one ever to introduce a white lenses for DSLRs – Sony just keeps on the tradition, and they released at least several white lenses since the takeover in 2006.

    Not to mention the fact that Sony and Minolta actually does have a white lenses, not beige like Canon.

  • Sky

    Or Sony. Or Minolta. Or Pentax. Or Samyang.

  • Ashley Pomeroy

    If we’re talking specifically about DSLRs then Canon wins; in 1995 you could have stuck a white 200mm f/2 onto a Canon DCS 1, or several other white telephotos. If you’re talking about SLRs in general then Canon still wins, because the company had white(ish) lenses as part of the FD system in the mid-1970s. Olympus had white lenses as part of the OM system in the 1980s too. It seems that they were all inspired by telescopes.

  • ninpou_kobanashi
  • NRC

    Me too,i like red one.

  • NRC


  • NRC

    Thank you.

  • NRC

    just do it

  • NRC

    Thank you