Adobe Photoshop CC Has Apparently Been Cracked One Day After Launch


It truly is a cat and mouse game between software developers and software pirates. It’s been that way for years. So when a company like Adobe decides to change up their entire business model to subscription-based to curb the piracy of their professional-grade product suite, you would expect it to take a fair amount of time before the pirates managed to find a workaround.

Perhaps not the case, at least according to a torrent link uploaded today to The Pirate Bay (one of the largest torrent-tracking sites on the Internet). Just one day following the official launch of Photoshop CC, the software has apparently been cracked and available for downloading illegally.

The torrent is titled “Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0 Final Multilanguage” and was uploaded by someone named Ching Liu. According to comments left by some Pirate Bay users, the software appears to be the real deal.


Upon installation of the desktop software, Adobe requires the end user’s computer to be connected to the Internet to verify the Creative Cloud subscription status. That would suggest that software pirates have found a means to bypass this authorization (not a huge surprise, if true).

These desktop applications connect back to Adobe’s servers every month to re-validate a customer’s subscription status, so whether or not this is a long-term solution for pirates remains to be seen.

It could potentially be a huge blow to Adobe’s “stop-piracy” ambitions, but with Photoshop being one of the most pirated software in the world, this may not be a game software developers like Adobe can win (yet).

(via Fstoppers)

Disclaimer: We do not, in any form, condone software piracy.

  • Andréas Söderberg

    So all the pirates are stealing the one and only physical copy from Adobe?

    I thought that one could just make another copy of something on his/her harddrive whenever the person wanted.

    I’m having a small problem with duplicating my cell phone. Could you tell me how to do it since it with your logic would be possible and really easy?

  • Andréas Söderberg

    I’m pretty sure that we have people with Asian names in Sweden too. We call them swedes.

    He was PROBABLY a swede.


  • seven

    How about this concept Adobe…lower your sky high prices!!

  • Leo Gono

    I think $49.99 is a decent price for all the benefits that comes with the plan. However, maybe Adobe should think of bundling couple of apps for a lesser price. For example, I would only need Photoshop and Illustrator. If I buy it separately, it would cost me almost the same as the total Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

  • Tal Ben-Ari

    I’m pretty sure pirates aren’t complaining.

  • One trick pony

    Nothing new here. And I think Adobe and any other software developer out there is aware that whatever they do, their software is going to get cracked at some point. This is why they didn’t bother changing the “protection” in the app. They just switched to a different business model instead.

    Do you remember Steinberg and their “dongle”? That was the furthest a software company has went to protect their product from cracking. Basically they hired another company to develop an USB device required to authorize the application on each run. They shipped this with products like Cubase or Hypersonic. It took two months or so, but it was eventually cracked. Hackers developed a device driver that emulates the hardware, rendering the USB dongle worthless

  • Chris Pettit

    This has to be the most irrelevant point I’ve heard in this debate so far.

    I’m not advocating for any kind of piracy, but if I was Adobe, I wouldn’t want you on my side of the debate…

  • US Patriot

    The idea that this new pricing scheme will provide a opportunity for Adobe and destitute photographers to connect is bunk. I think someone is forgetting about Photoshop Elements. It is, in a large part, gateway to full PS. And for about $100, it is perpetual. No CC is an ill-conceived effort to crack down on PS pirating. In the end, Adobe will suffer for this.

  • phillyburbs

    The average artist doesn’t want to risk their computer by hacking these programs, they are artists & most are just making ends meet, if that. If Adobe products were reasonably priced it
    wouldn’t be hacked, Most people would purchase the software and it’s updates and Adobe
    would make more money in the end.
    Renting Photoshop ( like renting a car, a TV or an an apartment is a total waste ) at $30 a month the cost is $ 720 after 2 years, and you own nothing,

  • phillyburbs

    it’s expensive & the last time i looked out the window my country was developed, my wallet isn’t though. LOL

  • phillyburbs

    don’t you have to pay a year in advance? then 20 a month?

  • phillyburbs

    maybe it was Eric Snowden, sitting there bored to death in that Russian airport. Properly took him 15 minutes. Maybe he tagged some national secrets to his tool presets. LOL

  • phillyburbs

    i don’t spend $100 + a month for cable TV. I don’t know many people who do unless they are part of a family with 2 and more incomes,

  • Andréas Söderberg

    NSS spying on people in EU makes the US look like even bigger assholes.

  • bgbs

    Photoshop does not fall under entertainment budget. Photoshop is a tool, and from what I know most people would rather own a tool than rent one. The only reason why folks rent something apposed to owning is, if it is too expensive or they only need it once in a great while.

  • bgbs

    free updates is just a marketing ploy. My CS6 also received updates when I checked for them.

  • Jan89

    Despite Adobe’s best efforts, this news happened.

  • Gordon L. Scott

    Software pricing has much to do with piracy. Developers should be fairly compensated for their sometimes brilliant work, but Adobe exceeds all reason in it’s pricing policy. If Photoshop CC price was under $50 then tens of thousands more customers would buy it! I can only believe that Adobe is not only greedy, but stupidly greedy!!

  • Guest

    Why don’t you just sell Adobe Creative Cloud hardware? You completely separate the pirate from the picture. So, in other words, create a proprietary ‘black box’ that basically can’t be hacked (and if they do, provide a disclaimer that a tapeworm will be thrown if they purposefully try and bypass authorizations – lol!). The user will have no choice but to pay a monthly subscription. If they want to edit and save, the black box will have outputs here and there and will have a ‘dedicated Internet’ path to Adobe’s servers. If they want to store images online, Adobe can create their own ‘DropBox’. Using HDMI, the black box will connect to a HD monitor while extended with a Windows or MAC monitor (maybe someone has a better idea on this)>

    Just a thought…it’s a start!

  • Reken

    Adobe will be kicked out unless they make their prices $100 for software not rent basis. I think another paid alternative software to adobe will evolve soon.
    Adobe go suck your own ass. We will use another software.

  • Pookka

    How much are upgrades? $200? How much is Ps CC in a year? $240? I upgrade about once every 3 years. That would make it cost multiple times more. That is jacking the price up. When you think full price, sure it seems reasonable, but upgrades are not full price. The only way this is not a rip off is if you were someone who upgraded every year.

  • Guest

    Pirating? I say borrowing without asking. I need my video editors (Premiere, After Effects, and Sony Vegas), as well as my other software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.), and am not rich enough for even one of those products. Free? I get my music free, so why not software? When you’re poor like me, just two or three downloads from iTunes will take all the money you got.

  • Alex

    I grew up pirating software and music. I’m poor. If it’s hardware, like PS4 or a computer, then of course I’d have to pay for it, but when it’s software? It gives me the chance to expand my horizon with new skills and methods, and not have to worry about money.

  • Pirate

    Yep! No complaints, don’t give a damn if its $500/month, it was, is and will be free for me.
    Had thought that now that I am not a student anymore I will buy the CS and repay Adobe for all those years of help but now they make this “We own your files” rule so changed my mind :)

  • swen

    I do not have CABLE, SATELITE, XBOX,PLAYSTATION….none NADA! It is matter of principle not to PAY EXTORTION FEES! I can AFFORD ONE TIME 1000$ for couple of freelance jobs over the 3 years until I need a new version, but not a 1000$ a year and another and another and another year and another…For that much money I can pay off nice car in 15 years.