Photo Prank: Make Your Friends Pose for a Still, Then Take Video Until They Notice

Ready for a laugh? The above video was put together by the band Go Periscope’s Florin Merano, and it shows him goofing off with his friends by pretending he’s taking their picture when, in fact, he’s shooting video. It’s hilarious and even hard to watch at times as his friends awkwardly hold poses for what seems like an eternity waiting for him to snap a photo that he has no intention of taking.

We’ve shared something similar before, with director Dean Fleischer-Camp’s short video Smile. Both videos are composed of equal amounts awkward and funny — ok, maybe 60/40 … or 70/30.


If you find yourself feeling sorry for his friends, there’s no need. The guy posing in front of the waterfall is none-other than Florin himself, as his girlfriend gets him back for making her and her friends sit or stand awkwardly countless times.

Like “Smile” before it, the video really does go to show just how awkward posing “naturally” for the camera looks when you’re capturing more than just a moment.

Check out the video at the top to get your funny in for this Wednesday, and if there aren’t enough awkward poses in there for you, give this fun photo prank a try with your friends — we just hope they’re as forgiving as Merano’s.

  • Tommy Sar

    Pretty funny and pretty much why I prefer candid shots.

  • Ygor Oliveira

    10/10 my wife would kill me

  • Pablov

    At first I thought: what will that funny? but indeed is funny.

  • Adam Cross

    used to do this all the time, great fun xD

  • cas_e

    Is it just me or is this website going downhill..?

  • insoniak

    You should make some gif’s from this videos or just stabilize the footage and put it in different digital frames all around the house. Would be great i think.

  • Rabi Abonour

    This happens to me unintentionally. I’ll be out shooting video (camera on a monopod with a mic on top, maybe headphone monitoring) and see someone I know; when I point the camera at them they’ll pose for a photo.

  • Bluewave

    I remember this started years ago on Vimeo and the videos were tagged or titled “fauxtograph”.

  • nerdbomber

    What an awesome girlfriend for being so patient and having a really good sense of humor, heh. Plus, she’s hella cute ^-^

  • timo musgrove

    yeahh my friends and i used to do this with our cellphone cameras.

  • Guest

    I’ve done these before lol!

  • Norshan Nusi

    I’ve done these before! lol

  • Richard Polhill

    Perfect Vine generation method. :-)

  • levitor

    HAHA hilarious :D

  • Eugene Chok

    this is basically what people who cant use a camera do by accident all the time, ask anyone who does some sort of live performance where they meet the audience after lol, annoying as hell for them when this happens hundreds of times in one night !