Birth Photographer Captures Parking Lot Delivery on Camera, Photos Go Viral

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Professional birth photography is a growing niche, as more and more expectant mothers are hiring photographers to document the first first few moments of their new child’s life. Miami, Florida-based photographer Emily Robinson offers birth photography services, and is accustomed to photographing deliveries as they happen in hospitals and homes.

However, she recently found herself working her camera in a location that’s quite different from either of those two places: Robinson captured a delivery in a hospital parking lot. Her beautiful photographs are now going viral online and gaining national attention.

The story actually involves three photographers. Robinson was hired by South Florida Sun Sentinel photojournalist Amy Beth Cavaretta and her husband, photojournalist Joe Cavaretta, to document the delivery of Cavaretta’s second child last Friday.

Having learned that Cavaretta had a fast delivery of her first child, Robinson decided to journey with the couple from their house to the hospital as Cavaretta was going into labor.

When the time finally came, things went differently than planned. Cavaretta didn’t make it into Boca Raton Regional Hospital prior to giving birth. After a 25-minute car ride to the hospital, she met midwife Laurie Ross-Berke waiting for them outside and began walking in.

As she approached the parking lot’s sidewalk, she leaned up against a pillar and said, “The baby is coming out.” Her husband then fetched a wheelchair while Ross-Berke held the baby’s head between Cavaretta’s legs. Minutes later, 7-pound 4-ounce Sienna Grace Cavaretta entered the world.

Robinson was there to document the whole thing. The photographer writes,

Dad rounded up a wheelchair and it was the first time I ever saw a mother be wheeled INTO the hospital holding her new baby. Usually that happens a couple of days later, and the wheelchair ride is the way out…

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Speaking to the New York Daily News, Cavaretta says,

[This] wasn’t the way we would have planned it. I had a fast labor with [first daughter] Sophia, only six hours, we all felt this would go a lot faster … but I didn’t expect it to go this fast.

Robinson’s remarkable series of photographs are now going viral across the Internet and is being reported by publications across the nation.

You can find more of Robinson’s work over on her photography website.

Image credits: Photographs by Emily Robinson and used with permission

  • caltek

    awesome story and great job on the photos.

  • Muhammad Malik

    why the heck does anyone wanna see your baby coming out of you? sheesh, no privacy in this world anymore. The pictures after the birth are fine, but come on, this is just stupid.

  • Zamfirescu Vladimir-Alexandru

    Do people REALLY need birth pictures? That’s a step too far, if you ask me.

  • Michael Zinfandel Rork

    In all reality, these are the sort of photos that capture the day, the emotions, the power of the birth of life. I look back on the photos my photographer took of the day and I fill with emotion. I remember the little details of the day I would have otherwise forgotten. It’s an exhilarating experience, one that I’m very thankful to have had captured.

    And the actual shots of my baby emerging… those are private, thank you very much. The public only gets to see the labor before hand; her face, my reactions during; and the beautiful little boy moments after his birth in his mothers arms.

  • Op

    “Birth Photographer”
    Can a Job Be more Rarer

  • Mrs S

    Oh so we are okay with photos of death and dead children but a woman giving life is too confronting? Sorry boys, that’s what a vagina is for, amongst other things.
    As for the photos it’s reportage, it’s capturing the raw emotion and the literal blood and guts. And birth is not pretty, it’s anything but pretty, I’m glad that a larger audience has an opportunity to see this. Think about it, if you don’t flinch when looking at images coming out of Syria, death and mutilation, why is this so confronting? Open your mind… You’ll be amazed what you find.

  • Vlad Dusil


  • Scott M

    Chill TF out, man. Don’t want to see them? Be an adult and don’t look if you can’t handle it.

  • BeJay

    Yes some people do. I don’t remember anyone asking you.

  • Geoffrey Froment

    except for the black & white.

  • Michael P

    Link for photographer’s website is broken.

  • Jessy

    At first I was like “why do people need to hire someone to take pictures of this?” Seemed extravagant – then I saw them and thought that it is awesome that the family could be focused 100% on what was happening in the moment and still have it recorded in pictures.

  • Zbigniew Piątek

    Quite decent photos but the idea of making them public is completely nuts. I would never agree to have my family photos like that publised.

  • Bill

    Well said. At first I was thinking this was going to be blurry photos and really bad camera angles, but I was really amazed.

    Though it may not win any art awards, it does capture the true essence of birth.

  • Bill

    You now it may not fit in everyones playbook, but it’s there.

    I saw someone who does Funeral Photography, just in case you think Birth photography is a bad idea

  • Bill

    just add a h in the beginning of the searchbar and it will work or use this one:

  • lupcheong

    wow look, everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they’re right.

  • Valeria

    what a beautiful moment and they are lucky to have these images ,priceless

  • Richard Ford

    I mean everyone thinks that their baby is cute. But new born children and most babies under the age of 6-8 months are just atrocious to look at. But whatever floats your boat I guess. Not sure why they went viral though.

  • Catherine Nelson

    These are beautiful. I especially love the breastfeeding photo with all the family. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!

  • Courtney Navey

    True that black & white is a victim of the HDR craze. Somebody should say to the black & white, “hey man you should just be yourself.”

  • JD

    You’d be surprised, I guess. It’s actually very common. It’s not like photographers are ONLY birth phtogs, though. It’s usually listed as one of many services they offer.

  • ISO640

    We live in the age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. where everyone thinks everyone else wants to know what’s going on 24/7. It shouldn’t be surprising this is a new genre in the industry and it shouldn’t be surprising it went viral. The photos are beautifully done and it seems the Internet loves puppies, kittens and babies.

  • Raquita

    so does the hospital bill you for a birth?

  • Bdon

    Don’t be a child – allow someone to have an opinion that is not your own. Birth photography is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if that’s where your head is at then go for it. If I don’t want to see it, I won’t look, but I will expect to be allowed an opinion.

  • Benjamin O’Brien

    IDK, the B&W looks like they just really up’d the clarity.

  • Oliver Kealey

    Yeah, all those dads in the delivery room with a handi-cam for the past thirty years, no privacy *any more*. Yeah. Come on man, if they want the service and the photographer provides it, what’s the harm?

  • BeJay

    I’ll reiterate Scott’s post: Chill TF out, man. Don’t want to see them? Be an adult and don’t look if you can’t handle it.

  • Allison Johnson

    It is not something I think I would personally be good at capturing as far as photography goes (I’m a little queasy about certain things) but I know several birth photographers in our area that are amazing. They do the entire process in black and white (to cut down on the….well…..colors coming out) and an hour after birth; bonding, family’s first viewing, etc. I believe it is something beautiful. They do it in a tasteful way; no cameras stuck up the vajayjay or nothing. It can be done beautifully instead of a “yuck-keep-it-to-yourself-no-one-wants-to-see-that-mess” thing. Kudos to those who can do it well! :) And so glad you were able to get some great memories Michael!

  • Twanger

    Good question…I’d like to know that too…

  • Amber

    I happen to like the b&w…

  • ronadair

    If that’s a Mitch Hedberg reference, I want you to know it is not lost on me. And I love you for it.

  • bob

    Birth Photography is also lifestyle photography. It captures moments of things that happen everyday in families. Get over the prudence and see the beauty what God has created. If you don’t like looking at birth photography, then grow up and don’t look. It’s that simple!

  • Willi Kampmann

    Why would anyone want to see that? Because it’s a miracle of life, duh

    As long as it’s respectful of the mother’s privacy I think that’s perfectly fine and, franky, fascinating.

  • Courtney Navey

    Ronadair, it is a Mitch Hedberg reference!!! I’m so glad that there are still people left in the world who appreciate great comedy!! Of course there’s nothing like his take on the “above ground pool” b/c we all know we’ve felt that way!!

  • GKB

    I’m not a birth photographer, but a photo enthusiast, who was allowed to photograph my son’s birth, via natural childbirth in a hospital some years ago, beginning immediately after my wife went into labor at home. It proved to be a fascinating experience, even though I was quite queasy at first. Once the process began, I wanted to capture the most historic moment in the history of the child, hence all fears dissipated. I am glad I did it. After he became 21 I gave him a framed proof-sheet as well as the negatives. They are among his most prized possessions!!

  • Kimberly

    How can anyone give birth with their panties on? That’s a neat trick.

  • Zamfirescu Vladimir-Alexandru

    I also don’t remember anyone asking you, but you seem to be eager to correct me. Some people should be shot, while we’re on the subject.