This Photographer Shot Her Own Childbirth

Professional birth photography has been emerging as a niche over the past decade. But when wedding photographer Megan Mattiuzzo gave birth last month, she didn't hire a photographer to document the momentous occasion -- she decided to shoot the actual delivery herself...

This Photographer Captured Her Own Labor and Delivery

Professional birth photography has been growing as a niche over the past few years as more and more expectant mothers want their labor and delivery experiences captured on camera. Lauren Chenault decided to go a different route: as a photographer herself, she decided to shoot her own delivery room photos.

The Leica M3 That I Replaced in My Father’s Life

It's not often that one gets to narrate the story of their birth. Fortunately (or unfortunately) in my case, the story has been told to me and to others around me time and time again. It’s imprinted in memory, much like a photograph, due to its many renditions, and it's narrated more often whenever my birthday comes around each September. Thankfully, it is not one of those tales that changes and has details added or subtracted to it with every rendition.

GoPro Captures Mom Giving Birth in Passenger Seat on Way to Hospital

A viral GoPro video is taking the Web by storm, and this one has nothing to do with extreme sports. Instead, it shows the miracle of life. The 4-minute video above captures an entire childbirth in the passenger seat of a car while the mother is being rushed to the hospital. (Note: there's no nudity, but this is a video of childbirth).

This Photographer Helps Document Childbirth in Real Time on Instagram

Posting live updates of special events to services such as Twitter and Instagram is a pretty common thing these days, but one photographer has chosen a relatively uncommon subject for her real-time Instagram snaps: childbirth.

Kansas City-based photographer Cate DePrisco has been helping clients tell their birth stories in real-time through her Instagram feed. Her service is called Instabirthstory.

Portraits of C-Section Babies In Their First Seconds of Life Outside the Womb

Warning: This project contains graphic photographs of childbirth that may be disturbing to some viewers.

After photographer Christian Berthelot's son was born through a caesarian section procedure, an obstetrician at the hospital asked Berthelot if he wanted to shoot a series of photos showing her work in the operating room -- a strange and graphic view that most people never see. Berthelot immediately agreed.

Birth and Breastfeeding Photos Removed, Restored on Facebook and Instagram

Keeping tabs on all of the photos that go up on Facebook and/or Instagram daily is no easy feat. Some 208,300 photos are uploaded to Facebook alone every minute; when you're trying to make sure that each and every one of those complies with the community standards, mistakes are bound to happen.

Photographer Katie DelaVaughn of PhotoRaya and breastfeeding support site The Leaky Boob both recently found themselves on the receiving end of these mistakes.

Birth Photographer Captures Parking Lot Delivery on Camera, Photos Go Viral

Professional birth photography is a growing niche, as more and more expectant mothers are hiring photographers to document the first first few moments of their new child's life. Miami, Florida-based photographer Emily Robinson offers birth photography services, and is accustomed to photographing deliveries as they happen in hospitals and homes.

9 Months of Pregnancy, 1000 Photos, and a 4-Minute Stop-Motion Story

When his wife Osher became pregnant with their first child, photographer Tomer Grencel had the idea of documenting the pregnancy through a stop-motion video. Over the next 9 months, he snapped 1000 photographs at different points and with different creative concepts. After his daughter Emma entered the world, he spent a month combining the images into a single stop-motion animation that tells the story of Emma's journey from the womb into the world..

Google Doodle Commemorates Street Photographer Robert Doisneau

This past Saturday marked the centennial of French photographer Robert Doisneau, and Google celebrated with a creative photo doodle on its home page. Doisneau is considered one of the fathers of photojournalism and street photography, alongside fellow French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.