This Photographer Shot Her Own Childbirth

Professional birth photography has been emerging as a niche over the past decade. But when wedding photographer Megan Mattiuzzo gave birth last month, she didn't hire a photographer to document the momentous occasion -- she decided to shoot the actual delivery herself...

This Photographer Captured Her Own Labor and Delivery

Professional birth photography has been growing as a niche over the past few years as more and more expectant mothers want their labor and delivery experiences captured on camera. Lauren Chenault decided to go a different route: as a photographer herself, she decided to shoot her own delivery room photos.

This Photographer Helps Document Childbirth in Real Time on Instagram

Posting live updates of special events to services such as Twitter and Instagram is a pretty common thing these days, but one photographer has chosen a relatively uncommon subject for her real-time Instagram snaps: childbirth.

Kansas City-based photographer Cate DePrisco has been helping clients tell their birth stories in real-time through her Instagram feed. Her service is called Instabirthstory.

Birth Photographer Captures Parking Lot Delivery on Camera, Photos Go Viral

Professional birth photography is a growing niche, as more and more expectant mothers are hiring photographers to document the first first few moments of their new child's life. Miami, Florida-based photographer Emily Robinson offers birth photography services, and is accustomed to photographing deliveries as they happen in hospitals and homes.