PhotoPills: Plan Photo Shoots With the Sun and Moon Using Your iPhone

PhotoPills iOS

Planning lighting is a critical step in the planning of a photo shoot. But what happens if you don’t exactly have control of your lighting. What if your planned source of light is the sun or the moon?

Rafael Pons believes he has the solution to planning photo shoots that involve the sun and the move with a new application for iOS called PhotoPills. “You just have to decide where you want the sun or moon to be and tap the search button to get all possible dates it happens,” he says.

Pons describes PhotoPills as an all-in-one solution. The application features an interactive planner that will show you where the sun and moon will be based on your set parameters, along with a location scouting tool (complete with over 10,500 locations). These, used in combination, can be of great assistance to a photographer looking for inspiration.


The application also offers a photo planner that will allow users to create to-do lists of compositions, 3D augmented reality tools that predict celestial paths, and a slew of time-lapse, long exposure, depth-of-field, and more calculators.

The developer also offers the “PhotoPills Academy“, a Vimeo page with a number of tutorial videos.

PhotoPills is available on the App Store for $9.99.

  • mosleyh

    I’d enjoy seeing a comparison of this and The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) Wondering if the differences justify the price of admission.

  • Igor Ken

    I have Mr Sun, it’s free and seems to be working just fine! Maybe it’s not so fancy with options, but still does the job…

  • Arnold Newman

    Agreed. I’d love to see a comparison with Helios, TPE, Sun Seeker, Moon Seeker, et al, to better understand the pros and cons of each.

  • russianbox

    Thats £6.99 in the UK

  • R.S.

    $10 seems a big steep for a new unproven player… I’ll wait and see.

  • Chris

    What jumps out to me is the pre-planning aspect. TPE is great for short-term applications (where will the moon be, what is the phase, where will the sun set); but to know that 2 months from now I can get the exact shot I want, that’s potentially much more valuable. With TPE, I’d have to scroll through myself and estimate it out


    Yeah let’s wait for a dozen video reviews before deciding between a $8.99 and a $9.99 app

  • Alex

    Seems like it’s combining the features of Sun Seeker, Moon Seeker and TPE. Seems reasonably priced to me considering how polished it looks, I’ll have to wait for an Android port before I can really tell though.