Flickr Launches “Spectacular” Redesign, Now Offering 1TB of Free Storage


Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion today, but that’s not the only major move the company announced. Today Flickr users were also treated to a “spectacular” redesign. The service has been upgraded in major ways, and has been given a brand new look and feel.

First off, all users will be given a terabyte of free storage space. You heard correctly: you get 1000 gigs of free space.

Free accounts were previously capped at 2 videos and 300MBs worth of photos per month. Not anymore: all users can now upload as many photos and videos as they’d like to their 1TB of storage, including photos of up to 200MB and videos of up to 1GB (and 3 minutes in length)! Photographs will be stored at full resolution and in their original quality.


For $50 a year, you’ll be able to enjoy Flickr without any ads in your browsing experience. For $500 a year, your storage space will be doubled to 2 terabytes.

Flickr also rolled out a brand new design to its website that puts photography at the heart of the Flickr experience. After all, it’s a photo-sharing site right?

The new Flickr user homepage is now a portal for discovering new content. You’ll be able to see your friends’ latest uploads, as well as photographs from the rest of the Flickr community:


The new photostream pages feature a slick design that’s reminiscent of Google+. The photographs are much larger on a new seamless layout, and there’s new space for a cover photo and a high-res profile picture:


Here’s a before-and-after comparison of the old and new photostream pages:


Photo sets are also displayed in much larger sizes, allowing you to tell beautiful stories through collections of photos:


There’s also a new slideshow mode that features new transitions and face detection technology to highlight key elements of photographs as they’re brought before your eyes:


Flickr is also investing a good deal of engineering power toward making its mobile apps top notch. Its December 2012 iOS app refresh was very well received among photographers, and the company is reportedly on a hiring spree for engineers who can help take the apps to the next level.

In a post on its blog announcing the new features, Flickr writes,

In the beginning, Flickr innovated the way people share and discover photos. Today, we are shifting the photo-sharing landscape again. We’re releasing a Flickr that’s more spectacular, much bigger, and one you can take anywhere […] A better Flickr is here. And not a moment too soon. With all of the power that you love, Flickr is now in it’s most beautiful form, and available to everyone.

When Yahoo first hired Marissa Mayer away from Google as its new CEO, the Internet begged Mayer to “please make Flickr awesome again.” So far, it looks like Mayer has been taking that request very seriously.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Flickr did not get awesome at all, I’m very sad. I loved Flickr and now I just hate it. 50 dollars a year for just Ad-Free browsing? I only paid 24 bucks a year for ad-free and many other features. This sucks. Who else agrees? What will you be doing now?

  • Sarah Bugeja Kissaun

    Wow.. I might actually use it now!

  • Will Weaver

    Uh, that’s not awesome. That, quite frankly, sucks. Yes, it’s good that you don’t need Flickr Pro to have virtually unlimited storage and photos on the site. But it’s $50 a year JUST TO REMOVE ADS. And if you somehow need more storage, it’s an additional 500 bucks!

    SmugMug is so much better than this, it costs less and you can make a proper website out of it.

  • Zack

    At first I was pretty disoriented by the changes, but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing. Flickr was in need of a refresh.

  • iDrifter

    I wondered why Flickr was slow lately.

  • Håvard Fandrem

    So it’s getting a lot more expensive?

  • Tomas Ramoska

    Thank you flickr :)

  • Jason Brown

    So I take it they’ve removed the 200 image limit for free accounts? All very nice having 1TB of storage if you can only upload 200 images!

  • Bradjward

    “Spectacular”…… Going from $25/year for unlimited storage to $500/yr for 2 TB? I have 45,000 full-res images backed up, tagged, and titled in my account. Shame.

  • Focalocity

    Seems to me that Flickr’s new version of awesome ripped off what many of us already know as awesomeness! I love 500px, Flickr lost my biz to them a long time ago. This just took too long for me to move back.

  • Michał Jaszewski

    You people and complaining about the price increase. Even as someone mentioned that they pay for pro and have 45k photos on flickr, that’s not 1TB, that’s not even 500GB worth of photos, unless they’re insanely huge. I’m liking the redesign. And if you want to remove ads there are ways to do it for free through your browser, which I will not discuss here.

  • Frank McKenna

    A lot of the photography websites are launching re-designs which they either increase the price for or change the business model. 500PX did it last week and increased the price for customized portfolios which are actually really cool. I heard SmugMug was launching a complete redesign too that was going to be pretty incredible too but I am not sure when that will happen.

  • Eryl Shields

    It’s joyous, I love the redesign. I never bothered to look at my homepage before, now it’s become interesting.

  • james ascott

    How big are your images. You can fit plenty in 1TB so they aren’t going anywhere, regardless of if you pay or not

  • james

    THanks Michal for speaking some sense! Some people in here are just being stupid. 1TB is an insane amount of space, ads are non-intrusive (plus what you mentioned ;)

  • batmatty

    You’re complaining about ads when Flickr just gave all it’s users 1000 GIGABYTES of storage for free. Personally, Im thrilled! Im totally going to start using flickr again!

  • james

    Then you don’t understand the difference between SmugMug and Flickr do you? They achieve different things. You already contradicted yourself hinting 1TB is plenty of space (even for some power users). And the ads? Well some people are arseholes I guess.

  • Michael Thompson

    I deleted my account earlier today. I’m not sorry. Flickr lost me as a paying customer awhile back.

  • Guest

    I agree, I think the 1TB of storage for free is pretty impressive, but it doesn’t hinder the fact that the design is awful. Again, that is my opinion. They’re are too many sites alike. I liked Flickr how it was before.

  • Felipe Paredes Schulz

    if you don’t pay this is great!!!

  • Bethany

    This is gross…..for several reasons. But the activity feed alone is enough to induce my upchuck reflex.

  • Michał Jaszewski

    I just remembered one thing I really liked about pro. The stats. I hope they let the free users have them as well now.

  • 3ric15

    I generally don’t like updates when it comes to websites, but I think Flickr did a good job with this one. It needed an update anyway.

  • Regan McCaffery

    You’re not even remotely close to filling up 1TB. If your images are 16MP you can upload 218,453.

  • Luiz Fellipe Carneiro

    A polished, modern design, 1 freaking gigabyte free? I was thinking in cancel my pro account and move to 500px… Not anymore!

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Exactly..the activity feed was so easy to read its just too dang confusing.

  • Tiago Pereira

    Pretty cool all that new space and the new account pricings but the redesign is somewhat flawed… I’ve just compared it with 500px and it’s much less polished and balanced… so much for a big surprise

  • Jeremy Whetzel

    Sad. I love Flickr, and I really like the looks of the new upgrade (seems like they just copied a lot from 500px though, and 500px is much less expensive), however, I think we “Pro” level subscribers should have gotten something. After all, our money and the advertsments money are paying for these upgrades, at least in part. Hopefully, we (the Pro users) will see something beneficial in the next couple days. if not, I think I’ll be walking and investing elsewhere.

  • CrackerJacker

    The storage is awesome. The redesign sucks.

  • Caitlyn Chapman

    I just don’t understand the whole Flickr thing. I think I have 2 or 3 accounts, one for each time I have tried to use and just stopped. I dunno, I have just never enjoyed it. But, it looks better now and the 1TB is cool!! Still don’t think I will ever use it. Might consider the mobile app for fun snaps with my phone.

  • Kevin Spencer

    Stats is still only for Pro accounts it seems.

  • Ronald


  • russianbox

    yeah i was wondering this too, anybody know?

  • Michał Jaszewski

    That sucks then, but I wont be paying the $50 just for stats.

  • Srdjan

    Awesome – it isnt. Im in too much shock to write anything more about this ‘spectacular’ fail. Take your terrabyte and give me back my front page (for a start)!

  • Uncle Wig

    It’s a terrible redesign in terms of usability. It was so easy to browse before, and you could quickly and easily get to an enlargement on a black screen. I am very unhappy with the new pricing scheme. I will not be renewing my Pro account.

  • John

    Looking at it another way, $50 doesn’t buy you much online storage when your library is over 300gb. If they come out with an app to allow me to, say, load my Aperture library up to their cloud in the same way that Drive/Skydrive/Dropbox works then it’s worth $50.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    smugmug is such a joke… I laugh whenever someone’s portfolio is hosted on smugmug

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Looks just like 500px…

    Both flickr and 500px are just great for showing off your photos to other photographers, which does nothing to help grow a photography business

  • Vouty

    The best thing about flickr has always been what a free-for-all it is. There is no small cabal of “editors” with rotten taste who do nothing but promote their friends’ awful work or work that looks just like their friends’ awful work. I can easily say that some of the best photographic work I have seen in the last ten years was on flickr. Hoping it stays this way.

  • Poppatom

    Don’t forget When you get something for free .. you are the product.

  • Nate Matos

    It isn’t polished nor modern. It is the same skeleton of a website they’ve been using forever with a few HTML5 additions to get the photos displayed differently.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    I also really hope that same interaction with other photographers in Flickr stays the same. But I’m afraid that new design will bring less viewers and comments. Am I wrong? I don’t know what to think.

  • Mansgame

    I like it! I just wish they had better upload/download tools.

  • Mansgame

    it looks that way

  • Jenny Clift

    Don’t feel like paying $50 a year for ad free so probably won’t go down that path.

  • Joakim Bidebo

    Think this is wonderful, now I can start using it again.
    Also like the new design.

  • jay

    More free space. More junk photos.

  • Mansgame

    The old flickr was very outdated. It was embarrassing to even include it on one’s card. The new one looks much better. That’s the problem with the old Flickr. People who got there early who are too lazy to change and get all territorial because it’s not the way it used to be. The web used to be full of geocities sites with dancing jesuses too but that all went away for the better.

  • Nate Matos

    It’s embarrassing to include Flickr on a business card regardless of what Flickr looks like. Any self respecting professional photographer would never post another parties url on a business card.