external Flickr Looking to Take Its Mobile App to the Next Level Later This Year —Computerworld

flickriosFlickr appears to be gearing up to make an even bigger splash in the mobile photo sharing wars. A job listing posted by Yahoo a week ago reveals that the company is looking for iOS developers who can build iPhone and iPad apps “from scratch.” Those developers would be working with the Flickr mobile team on “a tremendously long list of new features, programs and technologies set to come online this year,” in order to “improve Flickr.”

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  • Oskar???

    That is what they need developers for!!!

  • tony the ineffable

    Flickr will only survive if it allows users to make money out of selling prints. Without that there is no reason to pay to use it. There are better free services out there for non-serious photographers. The 200 photo limit on free accounts takes Flickr out of consideration for many users. The inability to link to your site is meaningless and counter-productive.