A Poster That Shows 100 Groundbreaking Cameras in the History of Photography


A neat piece of photo-related home (or studio) decor: Brooklyn-based poster printer Pop Chart Lab has created a beautiful new poster called “A Visual Compendium of Cameras” that offers a brief visual history of photography.

The company researched the history of photography and picked out 100 landmark cameras that made a splash on the industry — both professional and consumer cameras.

They then created pixel art illustrations showing the front of each of these cameras, and put them in chronological order to trace “photography’s history from the first models to today’s digital wonders.”

Here’s a closer look at what this poster and its illustrations look like up close. This screenshot is of the upper left hand corner, which shows early cameras (it starts off in 1888 with a Kodak camera):


This screenshot shows the bottom right hand corner, which has a bunch of modern cameras (including an iPhone):


Each print measures 18-inches by 24-inches, is created using 100lb archival recycled stock and vegetable-based inks, and is signed by the artists who created the illustrations.

The first printing will be for 500 posters and will go up for sale on April 26, 2013. You can preorder one now over on the Pop Chart Lab website for $22. You can also order a framed version of the poster for $107.

A Visual Compendium of Cameras [Pop Chart Lab via Laughing Squid]

  • John B. Mueller

    The Nikon D3 was the first full-frame camera to exhibit extraordinary high ISO capability. that one should absolutely be on there.

  • Guest

    I would say that the Canon 5d Mkii got snubbed considering that it changed the game by making still cameras into also video cameras that even professionals would use, and making it widespread in the market. I would also say the iphone 4 was more landmark than the iphone 5 when it comes to photos. But that’s my opinion.

  • yitzy

    Canon 5DMKII IS there

    look at the full picture

  • yitzy

    why is the sony DSC-W360 there?

  • Rene

    5d and 5d mark II are on the bottom left! D1 and d700 are there too…

  • photosforus

    It would have been nice for them to include what it was about each camera that got it on the list.

  • Alec Salisbury

    The iPhone 4s was more important than the 5 in my opinion.

  • Andrew

    Wow this isn’t very well researched. The Sony A55 was released in 2010, not 2012. LOL.

  • photosforus


  • Mansgame

    lol Nikon D300s??? groundbreaking for that 2 months before the D7000 came out and they never made another “Pro” DX camera again?

  • Sean Walsh

    I’m surprised the Nikon F4 didn’t make the grade. Or even the F5.

  • Nicholas Pearson

    What about Olympus OM cameras?

  • photosforus

    What about them?

  • Burnin Biomass

    I like the idea, and would probably be a buyer if they were pictures of the cameras and not drawings.

  • Dave

    6th row, 4th column. Did you just assume and complain, or check it out first?

  • Dave

    Everyone has their favorite models that they are miffed about not seeing here. Because these are ‘groundbreaking’ then you need to ask yourself if any ground was broken with your favorite camera. For instance; I think it should be the iPhone1 if anything. And where is the Calypso? The first amphibious camera and predecessor to the Nikonos line of amphibious cameras. Truly ground breaking.

  • James Ranson

    Looking at this makes poster with so much technology, forces me to long for a SLR with true user capabilities.

  • Michael Ryan

    wow no OM-D??

  • faloc

    was wondering that too xD and why is the iphone in there? that thing sucks xD

  • iowapipe

    Sony rx100 – Time Magazine 50 best inventions of 2012… I happen to own this (ugh, I don’t like to admit I own a Sony product) and do tend to agree that is was a remarkable product for the year.

  • Nick Nieto


  • Zarazazun

    D300 is more important than D300s. Is the same camera, when D300s appeared to the market, the sensor wasn´t strong to face new ones as shared in Canon 7D because it was out dated. The video was added in the D90 -same sensor as D300-. The D300 was the first camera to face Canon in many years at that time, with very powerfull sensor -Good bye CCD- and very well made body. It was the door for Nikon to think later in Full frame for digital . The D300 is the soul of the last pro DX body made by Nikon (D300s is a copy). Where is the Nikon F4?… F5? Same Canon Eos 3 and 5?, Iconic Eos 3 with the Eye track AF System… this last four cameras were the most modern 35mm film cameras.

  • Barry MacKenzie

    No Yashica Electro 35 or Lomo LC-A?

  • Zarazazun

    Sigma cameras with Foveon tech, Sony R1 (the first big sensor compact camera), Fujifilm F10/20/30 (compact cameras with small but very capable Super CCD), Fujifilm S2/S3/S5 pro wiht the Super CCD…

  • ninpou_kobanashi
  • Popo

    No rx1 or rx100?

  • R E Casper

    right… Harry Potter like image stabilization, top of the line focus speed, small form factor… and above all, image quality that finally put m43 on the serious/pro photography radar, etc…

    But to each their own.

  • bob cooley

    Agreed – the F4 is still one of the best body designs. ever.

  • bob cooley

    How about the Fuji GS690? interchangeable lens 6×9 medium format!

  • kyoshinikon

    They missed the contax1 that was the first fx dslr the Eos 1Ds (which also wasn’t on there) was the second. that and the

  • Baa Bra Brack Ship


  • Baa Bra Brack Ship

    Yes, rather than the Holga…

  • Robs

    Pretty sure you’re confusing groundbreaking with something else.

  • Gord

    Yeah, and under the A55 it says 2010. What are you talking about?

  • Andrew Clarke

    Where is the Kodak Instamatic? they add the lomography super sampler and not the kodak Instamatic?

  • Justin

    Surely I missed it, but no Kodak Disc camera, circa 1982? While a bit of a dog, it had a decent run, and led to the APS film format.

  • Ken Elliott

    Mine is still running, and works with all my modern lenses, as well as my old ones.

  • Pete

    No Nikon F4s? That was THE camera that changed 35mm photography.

  • niXerKG

    Glad to see Nikon represented well in this image but it’s really missing the D3/D3S/D3X, D4 and D800.

    Also I have no idea why the Nikon 1 V1 is on there.

  • Sky

    This is as subjective list as it possibly gets.

    Nothing that have anything in common with real “groundbreaking cameras” – it’s getting worse with each row down the list with last one being totally silly (I’d argue that from this whole row only GoPro deserves a spot).

  • Sky

    “ugh, I don’t like to admit I own a Sony product” – lol, why not? What’s wrong with owning camera from one of companies introducing most groundbreaking gear of all?

  • Matt R

    It’s ok, because the graphic actually depicts a 4s. The 5 has 6 rows of icons, not 5.

  • Samuel Horne

    iPhone 5? Really? Dare I say it, the Nokia 808 PureView is a much more impressive achievement, and I don’t even particularly like Nokia.

  • Miguel

    Holga has strong effective character. It’s a kiLLa machine and has no sequel model.

  • David H. Aragon

    I guess they forgot about the Mamiya RB67 or the auto XTL. I liked how the A900 is on the list. I owned one for years before succumbing to the Crown Graphic and then the RB67. I like owned like around 10 of these cameras and close variants.