This Poster Shows Over 200 Cameras from Between 1839 and 2014


In early 2013, we shared a print by Pop Chart Lab that showed 100 landmark cameras from the history of photography. Now, the online shop is one-upping itself by releasing a new poster showing over 200 cameras from between 1839 and 2014.

Called, “The Charted Collection of Cameras,” the print bills itself as “the most comprehensive charting of cameras ever developed.”

The upper left hand corner of the print features the Giroux daguerreotype from 1839, and the bottom right hand corner shows the Samsung NX Mini from 2014. Look closely through everything in between, and you’ll find “entire lineages” of Canons, Nikons, Kodaks, and more. The poster even features devices like the Lytro and iPhone.

Beneath the illustration of each camera is information about the camera type, model, and release date. Here’s a closer look at the details:


The previous 100 camera poster measured 18″x24″, but this one is even grander, measuring in at 27″x39″ (2.25 feet by 3.25 feet).

If you’d like to pick up a print for your home or studio, you can do so for $38 over at Pop Chart Lab.

(H/T Laughing Squid)