‘Shopped Pictures of Small House Cats Living as Big Cats in the Wild


For recent Whiskas advertising campaign based around the slogan “Feeding your cat’s instincts,” photographer George Logan and retoucher Tony Swinney teamed up to create a series of clever photographs showing tiny, domestic house cats engaging in “big cat” activities out in the wild. “Big Cat, Small Cat” is the name of the series.

The images show house cats stalking zebras, attacking elephants, and hanging out with feline relatives.







You can find larger versions of these photographs over on Logan’s website, and see the advertisements that resulted over at Ads of the World.

(via Imaging Resource)

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  • 3ric15

    Cool but the 2nd and last one look sooo fake lol. Nice job.

  • Doctor Octothorpe

    I’m fairly certain this is an accurate reflection of how domestic cats see themselves.

  • Christian DeBaun

    The lion and leopard ones are the best.

  • Redstart

    Fake. These are clearly photoshopped.

  • Andy Austin

    Could you tell by the pixels?

  • AC

    He’s seen quite a few shops in his time.

  • chubbs


    I have been caught in this web of lies perpetrated by PetaPixel.

  • kirsty

    The title of the article is ‘Shopped pictures….’ so, umm yes its rather clear they are .

  • Benicio Murray

    great concept

  • Leonardo Abreu

    lmao, this is funny

  • Cloudsuck

    Your observation skills are second to none.

  • amartinez


  • Endep Omi

    Care to read the headline of the article??? “‘Shopped Pictures of Small House Cats Living as Big Cats in the Wild…” So uh yup, they’re introduced and showcased as being fake dude.

  • Redstart

    Indeed. Plus I cross-checked the EXIF data to the sun’s location to calculate what the shadow projection angle ratio should be. My findings indicate an incorrect match. Fake. All day.

  • bingbingwa

    Will be interesting to see (?) how long cats will survive once Man is gone…

  • Gregor_Albrecht

    +1 for sarcasm smiley. why do people not get it?

  • Juliewishes

    I agree, as I have a similar misconceptions about myself!

  • Evan Skuthorpe

    Never heard of sarcasm? jesus!

  • ripley

    You mean once humans are gone? (“man” is an outdated term if you’re referring to all humankind). Actually, I think cats would do ok for themselves. They were one of the last animals to be domesticated, and they haven’t been bred to be stupid, like cows or sheep – those are the animals that would have trouble surviving if people die out as they rely heavily on us for survival, however cats seem pretty happy just to roam around by themselves and hunt birds.

  • Idris Ahmad Kankarofi

    Leopard hugging d lion is most interesting to me.

  • José Luis Cáceres