ThrowBack Aims to Bring Some Nostalgia to the World of Smartphone Photography


Most smartphone photography apps are all about three things: taking, editing and sharing. ThrowBack, however, isn’t about any of them. Instead of focusing on taking your photos and enjoying them now, the ThrowBack app wants you to “forget your memories so they can be remembered again.”

When you take a photo with the ThrowBack app, you’re not immediately prompted to add a filter, share on Facebook, or tweak it in any way. The app instead asks you when you would like to see it again, providing a slider that ranges from one month to five years. Additionally, if you don’t want to set the date yourself, the app provides a “surprise” button that will do that part for you.


The point of the app is to recapture that feeling of rediscovering a long lost photo and all of the emotions/memories it holds — something we’ve lost in an age where the most important picture is the one you’re about to share on Twitter. Speaking with TechCrunch, founder Calli Higgins explained that app is an “exploration between photography and nostalgia.”

… I realized nostalgia is conjured by revisiting something you haven’t seen in a while. ThrowBack is an alternative to the current overexposure of our images and the numbness this can create.


Of course not all nostalgia is good nostalgia. That photo of you and your ex on vacation that pops up while you’re at dinner with your current significant other 4 years later may not generate the most favorable response. But it’s a new take on the typical photography app, and just like the apps that focus on getting your photos off of your hard drive and into your hands, it’s a take that harkens back to what some photographers might call “the good ol’ days.”

Click here to pick up your own free copy from the iTunes Store.

Throwback (via Wired via The Creators Project)

Image credits: Photographs and screenshots Throwback and Wired

  • byron

    As a film photographer who intentionally waits around a year to get his photos developed, I think this is awesome. There is nothing like seeing a photograph for the first time of a memory that has faded away with the passing months.

  • Mk

    Is there a way to carry this over phone to phone? I don’t know anyone who has the same phone that they did 5 years ago…

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  • SwedishKiwi

    When migrating to a new iPhone, my apps and their content comes over from the old – providing I make the right decision in iTunes. I’m sure the same is true with other smartphones.

  • Arian Rassoul

    just another way of collecting email addresses, deleted (interesting take though)

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  • Jostein Roalkvam

    This is also true with Android.

  • Mithun Biswas

    iphone is always great!