Creative Backwards Tour of a High School Campus in Taiwan

If you enjoyed that backwards stroll through Jerusalem we shared a few days ago, you’ve got to check out this backwards video created by high school students in Taiwan. It’s a four minute stroll through the school grounds at the National Miaoli Senior High School, with students doing all kinds of things that look awesome when reversed.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Wai!

  • dbl

    “This video contains content from Believe and AsiaMuseEntertainme, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

    Reaching the video from France.

  • Lubyanka

    Saw it in UK and did notice the use of music, and wondered about permissions. I guess the school leaves intellectual property ethics out of their lessons.

    The change from backwards to stop motion was awkward and I think the stop motion part didn’t really work at all, but the huge one take backwards part comprising the bulk of the film was indeed totally awesome! For that part, well done to them. :)

  • Igor Ken

    don’t they homework to do?

  • Richard

    Excellent, at least the first piece of it. No doubt planning something like this lots of fun.

  • William Zhang

    Ok, the girl spitting out a big hot dog part at the beginning (or end?) was really disturbing.

  • ffdd

    This is the opening of their high school graduation video. So no they actually don’t have anymore homework to do.

  • Igor Ken

    Cool :)

  • bandish soparkar check out its a backwards video of Holi Festival in India