First Leaked Photos of the Ultra-Portable Canon EOS-b/Kiss X7


Canon’s soon-to-be-announced pint-sized DSLR is now nearly completely leaked. Just days after detailed specs were leaked by Best Buy, two photographs of the camera itself have emerged on the web.

The photos, shown above and published by Digicam-info, show that the camera is shaped very much like a Rebel and will come in a package that includes a STM EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens:


The $799 camera is set to feature an 18MP sensor, a DIGIC5 processor, a 3-inch LCD screen with 1.04 million dots, 4fps continuous shooting, HD video recording, an ISO range of 100-25600, a 9-point autofocus system (with the center one being a cross-type), special scene/effect modes, and an SD card slot.

The body will reportedly weigh 370g with the body only, and 407g when the battery and memory card are inserted. Photographer Carsten Schlipf published an overlay of the new DSLR on top of the EOS 550d/Rebel t2i, based on the dimensions listed in the specs:


The existing entry-level Rebel is already quite a tiny DSLR, so this new camera will indeed come with unprecedented portability. It might not be as small as most mirrorless cameras (especially in depth), but it’ll be much more portable than any of Canon’s existing DSLR offerings.

(via Digicam-info via Canon Rumors)

  • Mansgame

    let’s say by some miracle they made a paper thin DSLR, how do you make a small 70-200 f/2.8 lens?

  • tttulio

    Dumb marketing exercise.

  • Gayle Lawrence

    Yes, smaller, but still, for everyday walking around and having a camera handy, nothing beats an iPhone.

  • Miamor

    I don’t see who will trade stylish and trandy fuji x100s or sony nex 7 for this ugly leprechaun.

  • Emil Chalhoub

    Image quality does. :)

  • Gambar Digital

    wait until they release 70-200 f2.8 SMT pencake lens.

  • Mikael Gramont

    Yes, a smaller entry-level DSLR will appeal to no-one.

  • Patrick Alix

    For the small hands of spoiled children.

  • Redstart

    Finally. A true replacement for the 7D.

  • tttulio

    actually, some Chinese kids still think that a DSLR in “P” setting is the best way to get professional pictures of my dinner plate into instagram filter.
    Canon haven’t evolved for the past 3 years, they better make a pro mirrorless or they will be the next Kodak.

  • Persio Pucci

    x100s is a totally, totally different genre, niche, etc. They are not the same type, price range, and have not the same target.

  • DafOwen

    The 1000/1100D is pretty small – wonder how much it’ll differ

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Cute. Here’s a slogan for you, Canon:


    Because we couldn’t get the EOS M right.”

  • pilon

    That’s awesome. Canon is the best

  • eric westpheling

    so they decided to go in the complete opposite direction of what everyone wanted…well played canon.

  • Dénis Wettmann

    YaY another camera who are not willing to spend 2500 euro on a proper camera and instead of getting a good Micro Four Thirds or other alternative they go for the “I look like a professional photographer with my 18-55mm IS lens when I leave the hood on and add a flash on top of the camera”. I think most DSLR’s are a specialised tools for special jobs like Journalists who do not need the quality or bulk of a Hasselblad but want a bigger sensor or build quality then most compact system cameras offer. Why do they still do crop sensors in DSLR’ chassis when you can have the same or better sensors in smaller packages? Who came up with this terrible idea to bundle cheap DSLR’s with those dreadful variable f/ stop kit lenses? And why does Canon not make a camera that looks like a tiny furry kitten that purrs when I change the aperture and smells of mint chocolate?

  • Dénis Wettmann

    Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 on a GH3? Nearly pocketable…

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Just stay away from the kit lens, kids!

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Actually the 1000D is approximately the same size as the 550D.

  • Dénis Wettmann

    I think they do, I think people who bought a Rebel over the past two years were just poorly informed on the alternatives or wanted to have a plastic box with an sensor inside to look like a big boy.

  • David Portass

    Nikon and Canon have something in common then, we ask for D700 with 3 year old D3s ISO performance and maybe a few more megapixels… what we get is D800 with too many megapixels, slower fps and only slightly improved ISO performance … At least the Canon were vaguely listening when they made the 5Dmk3 for its ISO performance

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Actually the 1100D is almost the same size as the 550D

  • canon fan

    I am a true fan of Canon and have been impressed by every product that Canon came out during last year. The Canon Kiss X7 is going to be a great camera and will sell. I love Canon and I firmly believe that they are going in the right direction

    I have the T4i and would love a camera that is smaller. Great idea for canon who has listened to their customers. I love Canon and will never switch to another brand.

  • DafOwen

    Oh really!
    With work we had a couple of 450D’s and a 1000D which was noticeably smaller. Not seen the modern equivalents.

  • monteraz


  • Carsten Schlipf

    I had just compared the specs on Amazon. These might not be accurate.

  • Syuaip

    Someone please bring in the caviar

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Depends on the variety of colors the body will be available in ;-)

  • Tapo

    Spoken like a true fanboy.

  • Daniel Thomassin

    le mien et un 1100D et il et vraie qu’il se ressemble mes plus petit je suppose !

  • independentskeptic

    Why do you love Canon? I enjoyed my 30D but when Sony’s A65 blew it away, I traded. Now that portability is more important to me, I’m looking to Fuji.

    Loving a brand is a bit odd. If you do indeed love Canon, why not ask them to make a real competitor to m43 or Fuji?

    Isn’t that what love is all about? Honesty.

  • independentskeptic

    This is rumored to be $800. Aspirational pricing personified.

  • Chester Cheung Tze Wah

    Will the Canon develop the same body build in the full frame cmos?

  • Deb Moran

    This has to be geared towards all those folks who buy a DSLR because it’s a nice camera so it should take really nice pictures. These are the same folks to not only always use auto, but have no desire to learn any other mode. These days, that’s a HUGE market.

  • Chester Cheung Tze Wah

    We are waiting.

  • Dénis Wettmann

    Dont be so pessimistic, I think its great if someone enjoys it because I don’t.

  • Ryan Oliver

    Another amorphous plastic lump? With slow kit? What is the point of a compact, crop-sensor DSLR when its even smaller, mirrorless competitors will eat it for lunch? Cameras for the clueless. Coming to a tourist trap near you.

  • Ivan

    Perhaps EOS Plan-B?

    Seriously now, I think this is a good approach. There is nothing wrong in offering as compact as possible DSLR body while retaining compatibility with all the existing lenses designed to maximize optical performance for longer flange focal distance (lens mount to sensor distance or “register”). Due to constraints in optical design there is less barrel distortion and chromatic aberrations at similar focal lengths compared to APS-C mirrorless (like Fuji X or Sony E mount), as well as better depth of field control at similar apertures compared to smaller sensor mirrorless cameras (like m4/3 or 1″).

    As a Pentax user with considerable investment in lenses so far, I for one would really like to see a Pentax ultra compact K mount body: just imagine DA limiteds on that thing! And if you choose, slap on it a large DA* if needed, no adapter to mess around with. Perfect!

  • Oliver

    Awesome? Yes.
    The best. No, not really.

  • douchebag

    your mom is chinese

  • Mike

    They should have designed it as a small digital Canon F-1 or AE-1.

  • dikaiosune01

    I’m thinking back to that story covered by PetaPixel way long back about the spoilt chinese children with big DSLRS. I remember one picture where two kids were having a sword fight with 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses. Can someone add the link?

  • Dénis Wettmann

    WIth the big Canon neck strap and a 10 euro UV filter slapped on the 50 euro kit lens ;)

  • sam

    somehow i feel that, my 6-years-old 350d will be smaller ..
    dslr ( even entry level one ) getting bigger and bigger on each generation ..

  • Daemon

    Seriously folks, not everyone can afford to spend $2500+ on a camera body, especially if they have no intention on going pro or are only just getting their first paid gigs.

  • Mak Wa

    “why mention the persons are Chinese kids on the your comment?”
    And what’s wrong with using “P” mode? Sometimes it’s the best mode to use if you want a quick shot.

  • Theranthrope

    Well, having the Cannon/Cannon apple-to-apple comparison is fine, but how about the apple-to-orange comparison against the ancient-but-small Nikon D40/D40X?
    Is the EOS-B now the smallest true DSLR or is there another?

  • Theranthrope

    I hope not… because, to me, chocolate goes with mint just as well as chocolate goes with onion, which to say: it doesn’t! Bleh!
    Although, it desperately needs the ultimate entry-level-killer-feature: a body that comes in COLORS!

  • Theranthrope

    Can there truly be too many megapixels?

  • Theranthrope

    Size queen.