Have Gaffer’s Tape Always at the Ready by Making a DIY Keychain Fob


David Hobby over at Strobist shares a fantastic idea for photographers who would like to always have some gaffers tape handy at all times:

So we are gonna make a gaffer’s tape keychain fob […] That right there is 40″ of gaff, effortlessly carried by default, at all times […]

No, no, no. While duct tape may in fact be more manly, gaff is what duct tape wishes it could be. And it is what photographers use because of its holding power and ease of clean removal. Don’t ever mistake the two.

All you’ll need is a paperclip, a wooden pencil, and a larger roll of gaffer’s tape. Head on over to Strobist to read Hobby’s step-by-step tutorial.

Genius: Make a Gaffer’s Tape Key Fob [Strobist]

Image credits: Photographs by David Hobby/Strobist

  • Mansgame

    Gaffer’s tape is so much better than duct tape..unless you’re running ducts.

  • FYI

    Having what to do with photography?

  • Mansgame

    gaffer tape is a must for photographers. You can tape gels to your flash; attach a flash to the wall (and be able to take it off without destroying it); Tape up seamless paper to the wall or floor; Tape up cords to the floor; cover up your camera name from thieves (if that’s your thing): etc. etc. etc.

    Only problem is the tape is usually sitting on the shelf in your studio…

  • FYI

    Hi. I am ware of what gaffers tape is and how we use it for photography, film making, theater, etc, just was curious how a key chain fob made from it…or tin foil, or Styrofoam, or whatever else, had to do with photography?