Macro Snowflake Photos Captured Using an iPhone and $5 Lens Add-On


We’ve shown you the snowflake photos you can achieve using a DSLR and a macro lens and also a point-and-shoot and a macro rig. Now, here’s what you can achieve using a smartphone.

Photo enthusiast Ben Woodworth shot these snowflake photographs using his iPhone 5 and a tiny macro lens he purchased for $5 online.

The photos required almost no setup time: Woodworth shot them while he was outdoors in Utah’s backcountry, when he noticed snowflakes landing on his dark backpack. The pack served as a backdrop, as Woodworth pulled out his smartphone and lens and began snapping away.

In terms of post-processing, the photographs were loaded into Snapseed and had their contrast and sharpness boosted slightly.







You can find more of Woodworth’s photos of his outdoor adventures over on his Instagram page.

(via Wired)

Image credits: Photographs by Ben Woodworth and used with permission

  • Mansgame

    I guess that tiny sensor comes in handy for macro photography where a larger dof is needed.

  • Ben Woodworth

    Actually, the dof is still quite shallow with the macro lens on the iPhone. You have to get very close to the subject and have a very steady hand or something to use as a brace. I took about 30 shots and these were the only ones that weren’t blurry or out of focus.

  • Thomas

    Yes, the very shallow dof is easily seen.