Jennifer Lawrence Praised for Admitting to Being ‘Shopped, Says She Loves It


In a red carpet interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, Jennifer Lawrence shocked viewers by actually saying that she loves Photoshop “more than anything in the world.” The conversation began on the red carpet when Bush showed Lawrence the results of a photo shoot she did for Christian Dior.

The Miss Dior ads she did recently turned out unrealistically stunning. In them she has perfect skin, a long slender neck and incredibly thin arms. Seeing them for the first time on the red carpet, her reaction was a delighted “That doesn’t look like me at all!” Followed by the above “I love Photoshop more than anything in the world.”

Here are the rest of the ads:




According to USA Today, after hearing her reaction, Bush pushed the point, insisting that the pictures were the real deal. Lawrence, however, was unfazed, replying honestly, “Of course it’s Photoshop. People don’t look like that.”

  • Vlad Dusil

    After seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s post-Oscar interview, I am a big fan. She says it how it is, no filter, all the while staying classy.

  • James Ogilvie

    Completely agree. Regardless of how much ‘shop there is or isn’t, to take a default position of full disclosure (and happy about it) is fabulous. Kudos to her.

  • Miles

    Breath of fresh air all around really.

  • Miles

    Her encounter with Nicholson at the Oscars was hilarious and she handled it like a pro.

  • harumph

    I have mixed feelings though, because the flip side of that sentiment is that she’s sending out a message that she’s not really happy with how she looks without the extreme photoshopping (and it is pretty extreme here). Lawrence is one of the few “natural” looking female stars out there, and she’s been celebrated for that by audiences and critics. If you’re a natural looking fan who identifies with Lawrence on that level, then these photos and the actress’s attitude toward the retouching could be problematic.

    The photos are beautiful, by the way.

  • Phillip Dews

    Being a website developer! I probably could of made a better deal with this! Still not too shabby!

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    meh, she annoys me – one minute she’s all about how she’s so quirky and unconventional because she eats alot (and somehow that makes her a rolemodel for all young women!?) but then is elated when she’s turned into an unrecognisable qindow mannequin for Dior. Where is this woman’s brain at? ugh.

  • Mike

    Who cares? She doesn’t, obviously. Reactions like this are what turn normal interesting people into over-cautious, publicly censored, boring celebrities. I don’t really worry about my public image, but if I had a photoshoot and they touched up the crap out of it and made me look alot better, I would think it was awesome and probably a bit funny, but wouldn’t masquerade around pretending it wasn’t shopped.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    no, she obviously doesn’t care – which is a problem for everyone that would look up to her as star of The Hunger Games, an Oscar winner and now the “Face of Dior”. If she cared at all about the image she puts forward as someone who is different to everyone else in Hollywood she would care about how she were represented by a company such as Dior – she would care about keeping up that “unconventional” image – but she doesn’t, so she’s a hypocrite and so just like everyone else in Hollywood – which is what she’s been trying to avoid. oh well.

  • Angela Niebruegge

    I think the photos aren’t very interesting. They don’t look like her at all. She’s very pretty and unique. These photos make her look like a generic, overly fake model. If I were her, I’d have insisted on less photoshopping. There is such a thing as touching up without over exaggerating features to the point of non-recognition.

  • Albert Zablit

    I think people should stop caring about caring. It’s overstated.

  • Henry

    Yeah, that interview was fantastic. She has a quick tongue and has characteristics that are seldom in her industry: She’s real! And that’s why everyone likes her, including myself.

  • Corinne Standish

    Too much photoshop for my taste. She looks like yet another plastic doll. Probably looked better before. And what’s up with Lawrence’s own self-image….??!

  • Ken Elliott

    I think her message is “This is not how I look – It’s Photoshop, and don’t be fooled into thinking anyone looks this perfect.”

    When I shoot new models, I have them look at the YouTube video “Dove Evolution” twice. They realize they have been comparing themselves to the unreal. It’s like boys comparing themselves to Superman.

  • Brett

    Yea, I didn’t even recognize who it was in the photos. Seems they took so much personality out of her.

  • harumph

    Yeah, like I said, I have mixed feelings because you could read the message either way really, depending on your perspective on the matter.

  • Vin Weathermon

    I have become a fan; she actually seems quite normal which is very appealing in a young starlet….this comment is what I’d expect from a smart girl.

  • Samuel Chua

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Photoshop :)

  • Elizabeth S

    Did you understand what she said? She was being cheeky with “I love photoshop”. She’s CLEARLY saying that is NOT how she or anyone else looks, that it’s absolutely aided by photoshop. God are you dense.
    And if you’re so annoyed quit reading about her. Very simple.

  • Elizabeth S

    That makes no sense lmao.

  • Gordon Simpson

    Photoshop is too relied on by photographers these days. There is no attempt to try and take the photo correctly the first time.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    It doesn’t matter if she says “people don’t look like that” she’s still saying that it’s okay to falsely represent someone who will be looked on by millions of other women in the world – it doesn’t matter if she says “people don’t look like that” because those images will be plastered everywhere in everyone’s faces and not everyone has an unaffected point of view, some people will look at those images and idolise her, they will look at her as some kind of pinnacle of beauty – but it’s a false beauty and that is a serious problem.

  • Chris Pickrell

    But you’re not her. So there is no reason to impose YOUR opinion when you’re not in the photos, on someone else that you don’t know who IS in the photos.

    And yes, they do look like her. The only reason they don’t look like her to you is because you dont’ want to see it.

  • Kris Wood

    So, they should have put her through hours of make up and attempted to physically elongate her neck, then plane down her arms?

  • Guestt

    You do know she’s a sarcastic person right? “More than anything in the world” is obvious hyperbole.

  • Guest

    You’re a moron if DONT understand the obvious jab she made at photoshop.
    It’s called SARCASM you idiot.

  • Guest

    No she’s not. The problem is your deficiency in adequate neural activity.