Calvin and Hobbes Photoshopped Into Photographs of Real Locations


If you’re a fan of photography and of Bill Watterson’s popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, you’ll probably love what Oregon-based freelance photographer Michael S. Den Beste has been working on recently. He’s using his Photoshoppin’ skills to blend Calvin and Hobbes characters into photographs of real world locations that match the settings seen in the comics. The results are magical, beautiful, and oh-so-very-fun.













You can follow along with Beste’s creations through his Tumblr site titled “Real Calvin and Hobbes.”

Real Calvin and Hobbes (via Laughing Squid)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Avrohom!

  • ltcookies

    awesome collection, great work! I’d say the living room photo is one of my favorites

  • ryanwrightphoto

    That’s awesome! Very well done and as a fan of Calvin and Hobbes growing up, I love these!

  • Don

    Bill Watterson is well known for being very restrictive with any such use as this (he pretty much never permits it). If these were legit they would come with some kind of copyright information.

  • Kristina Anderson

    I love it!!!!!!

  • JT__Photography

    On the copyright issue he quite clearly states on his website that this is fan art, a dedication if you will and that he does not and will not profit from theses images-and that’s where he’s safe. It’s only really when he sells can he get in trouble. As a photographer ive seen this a few times recently: Fiat advert featuring a graffiti wall in an ad without asking the artists (it was a legal piece) And even views from buildings-if the owners can prove its a unique view you can’t sell it as its copyrighted and I really hope the backgrounds are his shots that said I would/get piiiiiiiiiiiiiissed if my work was stolen and used without asking/credit. However I really love these images-I don’t think all work but the ones that do live in the spirit of the strip and ultimately I think we should view them as that.

  • Phil McDonald

    I don’t think fair use applies when both petapixel and the “author” are financially benefiting from the use. Petapixel gains through this post driving traffic to the site where advertising provides revenue and the tumblr site of the photog contains a donate button.

  • Will

    Fair use includes four tests: The Purpose and Character of the Use, The Nature of the Copyrighted Work, The Amount and Substantiality of the Portion Taken, The Effect of the Use Upon the Potential Market.

    The pictures here are (as far as I can tell) noncommercial, although that is not the sole deciding factor, and are significantly transformative. The work being used is a published work, which gives more leeway under the second test. Just enough (usually just part of one panel) is taken to accomplish the needed effect. Finally, it is completely implausible to argue that this adversely affects the market for Calvin and Hobbes collections; if anything the nostalgia may motivate some people to purchase the collection.

    Fair use.

  • Chad Douglas

    these are actually quite nice! Would be cool to see a comic like this

  • Shingky

    I can’t believe people are complaining about this, 1st…the artist is glorifying a popular work of art (not selling it) and 2nd…at the end of the day people who are familiar, even unfamiliar to the comic strip will remember Calvin and Hobbes as a classic. If creating such a homage is a crime, then we photogs should not post anything at all because photography and the like is all about creating.

  • Mayank

    The best mix of Photoshop’s skills and real life photography..
    Truly fantabulous, awesome..
    These are so good, it seems as if those comic characters are for real in real life and have really visited those places..

    And the one pic that looked the most realistic was the black ad white one with the character smoking. :D

    Once again I would appreciate thie effort and creativity. Just wonderful. :)

  • Joseph Lee

    This is magical.

  • Elliot’s Thumb

    dayum. the dood had to take them down due to copyright infringement

  • Emily Boyd

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  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    Andy Warhol did it, so why not?

  • Khuram Ali

    Totally Amazed.. This guy have Beautiful Talent.. I wish i had this .. :)

  • Out of the Park Apps


  • poppadeen71

    fantastic! thank you for reminding us how much Calvin and Hobbes, was all of us.

  • Michael Den Beste

    exactly… it is in fact… my real name.

  • Michael Den Beste

    Yes… I did :)

  • Michael Den Beste

    AMU, his publisher, asked me not to share them via my blogs. However, they ARE fair use, and neither Bill Watterson, or his publisher are refuting that. Thus, they remain online via a number of alternate means.

  • Michael Den Beste

    I don’t think anyone is viewing these mashups as “my work” …they are applauding the creativity of the work, not the originality.

  • Michael Den Beste

    Fair use is not theft… read up on copyright.

  • Michael Den Beste

    Precisely, you’ve hit the nail on the head in fact.

  • Michael Den Beste

    Fair use applies to these works. Copyright was never in question… and I’ve never claimed to be the original artist of Calvin and Hobbes, which would be ludicrous. Also, i’m not profiting from these.

  • Michael Den Beste

    Excuse me… but… this is fair use fan art… and I’ve never claimed C&H as “my own original work” …what really amazes me, is how many people consider this theft. Clearly people don’t understand copyright law. Lastly, I contacted AMU (publisher) right away, myself… so it’s not like I did this as a means to “steal” or “take credit”

  • Michael Den Beste

    Technically I agreed to take them down, however they fall under fair use. I would venture a guess that AMU saw an uptick in sales thanks to me, so in the end, they profit… not myself, or anyone else. I think everyone is a winner here.

  • Michael Den Beste

    You’re spot on… and thank you for seeing the bigger picture here <3

  • Zos Xavius

    fair enough. :P

  • HoyaGal

    So much hubbub. I sing songs in my car, and some people post themselves singing on YouTube. No one is getting sued bc no one is profiting. Your work is awesome.

  • Guest

    I made this about 1 year ago..

  • Andy’s Dog

    I have this about a year ago…

  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

    Infringement IS stealing. :~/

  • Janne Ojaniemi

    If it was stealing, it would be called stealing. But it’s not.

  • Matei Oprina

    Great set, but the 5th pic is not accurate :). In the comics, anytime the parents appeared, Hobbes was portrayed stuffed, not real.

  • nukunukoo

    There, FTFY…

  • Symphus


  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

    I mean…has anyone even asked Calvin or Hobbes how they feel?

  • MLC

    Good catch. I was so enthralled with all the little subtleties, I missed a big one!

  • jeeten

    absolutely lovely