Photographer Shoots Portraits of Himself as His Book’s Kickstarter Backers


Late last year, photographer Cheyne Gallarde turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for an ambitious series of self-portraits titled Universe of One. Inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman, the project features Gallarde posing as a wide range of people, both male and female, of different ethnicities, and from different walks of life. The transformations are done using only makeup, wardrobe, and lighting tricks.

To drum up interest for the series, Gallarde came up with an interesting incentive: contribute to the book, and have a portrait of yours recreated humorously with Gallarde posing as you.

In the end, 55 backers contributed $2,560 toward Universe of One, and recently Gallarde has been hard at work recreating portraits submitted by those supporters. The images are now part of a side project titled Twinsies.

Here’s a sampling of some of the strange and humorous recreations so far:













You can find out more about Universe of One on its official Facebook page and through its Tumblr page, or check out the entire set of Twinsies self-portraits so far in this Facebook album.

Image credits: Photographs by Cheyne Gallarde and used with permission

  • Will

    Ha ha! These are hilarious. A great effort by the photographer!

  • Vlad Dusil

    Brilliant, ambitious and very funny. Nicely done, Cheyne!

  • Thewirehead

    These are great!

  • Kathleen Grace

    Hysterical! Love them

  • Leonardo Abreu

    He is like a “photo troll”

  • cobus

    lighting tricks??? im sure this took a great deal of effort.

  • pryere

    Hat off.

  • Guillaume d’hubert

    Done, re-done and overdone, who’s next? This is boring.

  • Clown Party

    We’d thought about doing one of you but that would have required dropping trousers and bending over.

  • nate parker

    freekin hilarious!

  • Tommy Sar

    U mad, bro?

  • Guillaume

    There have been lately several photographers shooting themselves as themselves young, their parents at the same age, their kids as historic characters and you could find some more, in the end it feels boring and repetitive, that´s my opinion and please just let me express it.

  • Guillaume

    You do nothing at all behind your keyboard clownthing, pathetic.

  • Adi Marwan

    And please….just let them express themselves!

  • Conny Andersson

    A well-written opinion is one thing. A boring comment is another thing. if you so strongly fell about expressing your opinion in a negative way at least think about how to do it.

  • SuperLameCheyne

    Besides this being a completely unoriginal idea, he screws up simple details that ruin these already poorly shot photos: Photo 1 – Wardrobe. Photo 3 – Inaccurate facial expression. Photo 5 – Another, inaccurate pose. Photo 9 – YET ANOTHER inaccurate replication of pose, this one of which could have been EASILY fixed with a simple horizontal flip of the photo. The list could go on and on.

    If you’re going to STEAL a concept you may as well replicate it well.

    This is disrespectful to the “inspiration” and it’s rude to even imagine asking for funding on a project that promises nothing but poor execution.

  • SuperLameCheyne

    I think his next big project should be finding an original idea.

  • SuperLameCheyne

    …and he doesn’t even do it well.

  • SuperLameCheyne

    That’s not a very nice thing to say. Trolls are much more creative. Be kind to trolls. This guy is more like Smeagol.