Massive 1,000+ Piece Camera Collection Being Auctioned on eBay


Want to own a giant collection of vintage cameras, but don’t want to spend a lifetime acquiring them one by one? If you have deep pockets and money to burn, here’s your shot: collector Brain Cue of Alameda, California (kka20101 on eBay) is selling his massive camera collection that he has spent over 50 years building up.

The collection contains over 1,000 pieces of cameras, lenses, and various accessories. kka20101 notes that he doesn’t know the exact number of pieces in the collection — it may even be more than 2,000 separate pieces.

All the major camera brands (e.g. Canon, Nikon, Rollei, Yashica, Ricoh, Polaroids, Kodak, Fuji, Pentax, Petri, Pax, Mamiya) are represented in the lot, as well as all kinds of camera bodies (e.g. SLR, RF, TLR, medium format, point and shoot).

Most of the are in both working order and great cosmetic condition — this isn’t a mountain of broken cameras.

Here are some more jaw-dropping photos showing how expansive the collection is:









Shipping the collection would likely cost an astronomical amount of money, so Cue recommends that you visit him locally to pick up the lot (you’d probably want to bring a U-Haul, a boatload of cardboard boxes, and tons of protective padding).

So… regarding price: the starting bid is $34,999, but you can buy the collection outright if you’re willing to drop $49,999 on it. If there’s indeed 2,000 pieces, this would average out to about $25 for each item. There’s currently one day left in the auction, so get a move on it if you’re interested!

Huge lot of old cameras collection for Sale. 1,000+ Pieces of SLR, RF, Medium [eBay]

Thanks for sending in the tip, Mike!

  • bawsman22

    ill take two.

  • eraserhead12

    considering the amount of time invested to collect each item, whatever it sells for will be a sunk cost on his part.

  • Guest

    $25 a piece? if i’d live in the region (i don’t even live on the same continent though o_O), i’d probably buy it just to start selling them off piece by piece, as you could probably get more than $25 a piece that way and there’ll probably be a few in there worth a lot more.

  • stpf8

    Please post the date codes.

  • David Liang

    Unless he’s about ready to give it up to someone who could appreciate it as he did. Assuming it get sold, anyone investing 35K plus in a collection is likely to really appreciate the collection. So if that were the owners intent to pass on his legacy I think he’s done the right thing. If he’s selling because he’s in need of some cash, I really feel bad in that case, to have to let go of something like that.

  • 3ric15

    Good idea, but that means making 1000+ auctions and it’s not guaranteed every single thing will sell.

  • DamianM

    Ives seen this listing for a whhhhhhillleee now.

    There are some good cameras in the lot but a lot of common cameras as well.
    sure there’s 2000 pieces but most of them a repeated, you can also get some of these cameras for 5 bucks at a yard sale.

    I only see one graflex in the lot and a rolleicord not even a rolleiflex.

    Quantity /= Quality

  • Ja

    its 2,5 dollar each

  • Bob

    True PORN!!

  • Norm Cooper

    looks like a successful Hoarders intervention – photog style!

  • photojunky

    He is a fool. He would get double that by selling individuals. No one is going to shell out $35K+ for vintage gear in who knows what condition.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    This guy is sick

  • Joshua

    Actually, there is a rolleiflex right in the center of the 4th picture from the top of the post. The collection of lenses that are on these cameras alone are worth the price he’s asking. The camera bodies are a bonus. A huge bonus.

  • Michael Dixon-Brooks

    If I had the room, oh and the money, but the wife would probably veto the idea, but very cool.

  • Brian

    Not worth a bid more than $5,000 IMHO.

  • Burnin Biomass

    What a fun collection! If I were him, I would live in fear that someone would buy all that, and toss a lot of those Polaroids (I love cameras, even the cheaper Polaroids). If I had enough money I would bid!

  • Scott M

    Good raw material for an art project. Paint some white and epoxy to wall to make display.

  • ChazPounder


  • Lou

    There’s something sad about it all. I see only two actual photographs amid all that hardware.

  • DamianM

    its a rolleicord not a rolleiflex.

    I don’t believe the asking price is reasonable.

    I mean try using all of those repeated 620 folding cameras.

  • s

    “its a rolleicord not a rolleiflex.”

    look two cameras to the right

  • ImnotblindRU

    the rollie flex is right next to the rolliecord, plain as day

  • Seika

    I hope it’s bought by someone that’s going to at least a private museum rather than reseller that will only re-sell most of the camera and keep a few rare items (for re-sell again on higher price later).

  • Chad

    There are both on that table. They’re both blatant.

  • Toni Anoni

    Too expensive for mostly junk. Is there even anything “Leica” in there? I dont think so.

  • jon

    land fill

  • Sethboy

    I hope he took the batteries out of everything over the years!!

  • KH

    It seems more and more people are starting to have a little spare cash these days. If this guy is older (collecting for 50+ years), maybe even selling for a reason (health problems, who knows?) now is probably a good time to sell something like this. Not everyone has the time to sell all this stuff, let alone deal with some of the problems that can come along with selling stuff on Ebay. Now who’s going to bubble wrap all that stuff?!

    On another note, no Ikoflex in that 4th picture? And it looks like a butt load of Argus bricks in the bottom corner of the 1st shot.

  • Guest

    50’000 USD / 2’000 pieces = 25 USD/piece

  • kka20101

    Hi there, I am kka20101. Thank you for posting and replies! Nice experience!

  • Geoffrey Froment

    this is madness

  • tiredofit123

    A lot of roll/pack film Polaroids, Argus C-4’s, older 35mm’s, etc. My budding camera collection is only about 100 and I have several of these. The TLR’s are interesting and I’m wondering what the big one is with a handle on it in the middle of one of the group photos, but this is impressive mostly in size. If it was a group of large format, 19th century, and/or exotic and unusual cameras it might be worth $35,000 but no one would pay that much. This collection honestly is more worth about $2,000–because you’re getting a lot of the same things over and over.

  • BH

    they sell sx-70’s for 100$ a piece in nyc- there’s 15 of them there alone

  • Dan

    I actually have about 800 camera’s that I’m trying to sell. Most are Kodak’s, circa 1918-1930 and about 40 box camera’s, a bunch of mix-match names also. Not an easy thing to sell. If you do it in lots, then you don’t make much. If you have the time to sell them individually, you have a chance to make some $$$. Who has the time ???

  • MaxGas

    hmmm, seems he got $60K in the end. Cheap at that price too.

  • MaxGas

    The real question for a lot of collectors was how many Leica cameras were in there. I could only see one. They are going to push the retail price up quite a bit.

  • MaxGas

    Amazing collection and thanks for the experience of looking through them all and enjoying the GAS attack. I am glad you got the $60K for them. I hope you don’t get a case of GAS-regret after they are all gone ;-)

  • MaxGas

    Yes, I dreamed about this too for a split second…

  • widi

    how much is it?
    have yashica?

  • Maila Silvennoinen

    Did you find a buyer ? I have a collection of about 3000 vintage cameras in Europe
    and would like to sell them all to an artist.

  • Andrew Sharpe

    Hmm. It appears that there was one bidder for the asking price of
    $34,999.00. And, good luck getting the money out of the bidder, it was a new bidder with *no* previous successful bids:

    Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time
    m***l( 0 ) US $34,999.00 Feb-15-13 09:30:32 PST

  • Andrew Sharpe

    Hmm. My mistake. It was relisted, several times:

    After the newbie presumably didn’t pay, it was relisted again, and 65 bidders bid up to $60,000:

    Winning bid: US $60,000.00 [ 65 bids ] Shipping: $2,000.00 Expedited Shipping.

    But the guy that won only had 4 successful bids, so, possibly that bidder didn’t pay, because it was relisted again (but only for 500 pieces):

    Apr 22, 2013 01:28:50 PDT Starting bid: US $20,000.00 [ 0 bid ]

    and relisted again at 500 pieces, but ebay is unable to find the auction.

    After this much work, I hope that the seller actually sold this to someone that paid.