Artist Puts Photos of Himself in Grammy Museum, They Remain for a Month


Los Angeles-based musician Paz Dylan recently pulled a pretty funny prank on the Grammy Museum in LA. He made a series of informational wall display pieces featuring strange descriptions and photographs of himself eating tacos, and then hung them up on the walls of the museum next to the real pieces. That’s pretty clever, but get this: no one noticed, and the pieces stayed up for a month.

The photograph above is a piece he made for the “Wall of Fame.”

Paz reported on the prank through a Facebook note titled “Thought the Grammy museum could use some redecorating.” He writes,

There were more than 400 nominations for the 2013 Grammys. None of them were for independent / unsigned artists.

The Grammys say they nominate independent artists, but their definition of “independent” includes Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney. The system is broken. Its time for the Grammys to recognize artists for the art they make, not the deals they sign.

Somehow the following pieces made their way into the Los Angeles Grammy Museum. They’ve gone unnoticed for about a month. Enjoy.

Paz was meticulous in his efforts to make his fake pieces look just like the real ones. Unless you look closely and read the descriptions carefully, you might not notice anything is amiss. They’re pretty ridiculous though:




We’re not sure if the pieces are still up (let us know if you happen to visit the museum anytime soon), but they certainly won’t be once this story becomes widely shared on the Web.

The experiment reminds us a little of another “gallery hijacking” experiment we came across recently. In that one, a couple of guys went to art galleries in London, stuffed orange balls in their mouths, and stood against the walls pretending to be performance art pieces. Many of the museum goers believed the prank, and left the building that day with some pretty strange photos on their cameras and phones:

Anyhow, you can find more of Paz’s Grammy prank over on his Facebook account.

Image credits: Photographs by Paz Dylan

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Nathan Hornby

    Good stuff :)

  • Dave Polak

    This kinda reminds me of the time me and a buddy of mine hung a framed picture of us at a pub we frequent. It took the owner a month to notice and it’s still there 2½ years later.

  • Mansgame

    How is he not charged with trespassing and destruction of property or vandalism? The museum is a private space.

  • Brian Grady

    This is absolutely amazing!!!

  • junyo

    ..A private space presumably open to the public, so not trespassing, unless he was asked to leave and refused. And what, exactly, did he destroy or vandalize?

  • Brixton

    Awesome. Dude is awesome.

  • fast eddie


  • derekdj

    Banksy did this a decade ago, time to come up with a new schtick.

  • Chris McLaughlin

    Yeah calm down there, nothing was destroyed, he only faked them out with his pieces…

  • Igor Ken

    still funny. I guess the joke never gets old ;D

  • ramanauskas

    “…a couple of guys went to art galleries in London, stuffed orange balls in their mouths, and stood against the walls pretending to be performance art pieces.” Performance art is phenomenological. If you pretend to be a performance art piece, you are one.

  • Anthony Harden

    So an act is only valid the first time it’s ever executed? What is it with you people?

  • nunnia_bidness

    I have a friend named Derek who is a DJ, and he’s way older than you. Time to come up with a new handle.

  • nunnia_bidness

    law is hard.

  • Mansgame

    How did he mount the pictures on the wall? Can I show up at your place of business with a hammer and nails and stick things to your wall?

  • Mansgame

    So the pictures magically stuck to the wall? And someone magically came and collected them without getting paid to do it?

  • Jonathan Yao

    He probably taped over existing panels or used 3M Command Wall Hooks if he also made a box for them.

  • Jake

    I don’t see any nails in the pictures. There are other ways of sticking it up like tape, sticky-tak, etc. And the people who un-magically came to collect them were probably being paid hourly wages anyway. They are called janitors, and they don’t work on commission.

  • DafOwen

    Meh – I’ve heard stories of stuff like this happening in the 60s. As long as you put your own twist on them – all’s good.
    Check – Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson

  • junyo

    They invented this stuff called tape, works pretty well, might want to look into it.

    My place of business isn’t a gallery, aka a place where art is displayed, often on the walls. Since this didn’t occur at a rodeo, a clown college, a pudding factory, or any other place of business other than a gallery, your analogy is kinda stupid. And more to the point, do you have any evidence, at all, outside of your obvious hysteria, that he used a hammer and nails?

  • Antonio Carrasco

    trolling the grammys is A-OK with me!

  • seventwentysk

    Surprised no one has mentioned this, one of my favorite Tom Green sketches…

  • Joseph Grey

    There is more to this story then were being told. another odd stunt just happened. He replaced a Justin Bieber CD with a copy of his own cd in some national chain stores;Target, Wal-Mart, etc. They were scanned and sold to people who brought them home thinking they were a Justin Bieber CD. The news and stores act like its no big deal. They even interview “PAZ” after the incident and he is cocky about it trashing Bieber saying “No one will miss his CD” There is no law against this?!! More to the story were not hearing. He should get jail time.
    So, why doesn’t every one just replace ‘what ever ‘they want in stores? Just walk in and replace things with your own stuff. this story is total crap not buying it for a second.