Quirky Portraits of People Surrounded by Swarms of Hanging Objects


For her projects titled Égarements and Quotidien, French photographer Cerise Doucède creates elaborate scenes by hanging objects from the ceiling, creating swarms that look computer generated but aren’t.

The swarming objects include everything from dishes and tea sets to apples and breakfast, and give each photograph a chaotic look and feel.

Doucède spends up to three days on each photograph, carefully setting things up just the way she wants them. She then waits for her human models to become distracted during the shoot in order to capture them with a gaze that’s fitting for the dreamlike environments. Regarding the strings seen inside each shot: Doucède intentionally leaves them visible in the resulting photographs in order to draw a line between real and fake.










You can find more of this beautiful work over on Doucède’s website.

(via My Modern Met via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Cerise Doucède

  • Daniel Appleton

    I honestly wish I could devote time & effort into a project like this !! Interesting stuff.

  • DamianM

    sandy skoglund anybody?

  • Albi Kl

    Waiting for the models to become distracted is an excellent idea that I also use to good effect especially when working with those for whom modelling is not a profession.

  • Anthony Farrimond

    I’ve always had a thing for fishing line, in fact I own several roles and to echo Daniel’s comment, I have never found the time for such a project. I can don my hat at the skill and patience shown by all involved in this superb series of images!

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