Seeing Double: Dreamlike Symmetrical Portraits of Identical Twins

02 - PdD6i

For her Twins Project, French photographer Julie de Waroquier spent the summer of 2011 shooting surreal, symmetrical, and square portraits of identical twins.

Each of the portraits is dreamlike in appearance, with the twins dressed in the same clothing and posing in the middle of the frame. Many of them would look like mirror images, except the backgrounds make it clear that you’re staring at two different individuals.

08 - R2om0

09 - NmAim

10 - aE97B

11 - CqqJJ

12 - nQPPw

13 - ognlv

14 - CIOnF

15 - uhFsR

16 - aXTvg

17 - AVfbM

18 - lLpx4

01 - GQSAy

03 - F7Cwr

04 - kLzsD

05 - N0nSD

06 - 36F9E

07 - shGvH

You can find the rest of this series over on Waroquier’s photography website.

If you’re interested in the photographing of twins, you should check out the work of photographer Maria Zarazua, who also seeks out and photographs identical twins, and also the work of François Brunelle, who photographs people who look similar but aren’t related at all.

Image credits: Photographs by Julie de Waroquier and used with permission