Add a Simple Lens Cap Mount to a Tripod Using LEGO Squares


Last week, we wrote on how you can use LEGO pieces to keep your lens caps on your camera strap when they’re not protecting your lenses. A reader named Fearn quickly pointed us to a similar tip published over at Sugru at the end of last year. Instead of using camera straps, however, they suggest tripods as a sturdy way of keeping track of the caps.

The concept is exactly the same. Simply take two 2×2 flat square LEGO pieces, and use one as the male and one as the female. Attach one to your cap, and one to the side of your tripod (make sure they’re pointed in the right way).

Sugru recommends using Sugru (surprise!) to fuse the pieces, but anything that holds firmly should do just fine.


Lego-ify your lens cap – keep your camera kit handy! [Sugru]

  • fast eddie

    I’ve never had any problems with putting a lens cap in my pocket if I had to, not even the 77mm ones.

    Found this little gem on the product description on Amazon: Kids love sugru – it’s just like play dough when it comes out of the pack – but it’s not certified as child safe, so it shouldn’t be used by children.

    Hahaha, nice!

  • Elijah

    Velcro strips

  • Attila Volgyi

    Velcro and Duct Tape solve every problem…

  • Attila Volgyi

    I never understood the general problem around the lens caps. There are a countless number of lens cap solutions dating back for ages to solve the problem I don’t even sense to exist.

  • Greg Planchuelo

    Just put the cap in your pocket!

    These kind of consumer gadgets are really distracting people from going out and taking real pictures.

  • Alexander Petricca


  • branden rio

    This is great for the next time I forget to bring a gear bag or wear pockets when taking photos!

  • Dan Pieniak

    I have used small pieces of velcro to attach my lens cap to the side of the camera body. But this is sure different.