Ricoh GR Digital V to Feature an APS-C Sensor


It may not be the most popular series of compact cameras, but the Ricoh GR Digital line has attracted a sizable cult following of photographers around the world — particularly street shooters. From the time the original GRD was announced at Photokina 2004 until the most recent GRD IV, the cameras have offered smaller 1/1.77-inch CCD sensors. That will soon change: a trusted source tells us that the Ricoh GR Digital V will feature a larger APS-C sensor.

1/1.7-inch is a popular sensor size that’s used in many “large sensor compact cameras,” including the Canon G12, Canon S110, and Nikon P7100. It’s a good deal larger than the sensors found inside most smartphones and point-and-shoots, but far smaller than the APS-C sensors that are starting to become popular in mirrorless cameras.

Here’s a comparison showing how much larger APS-C sensors are than 1/1.7-inch sensors:


Our source tells us that prototypes of the Ricoh GRD V already exist, and that the body is thicker than its predecessors.

Aside from that, we don’t have anything else to report at this point.

Image credit: Ricoh GR Digital IV by matsuyuki

  • Maverick

    I love how thin the GRDIV is though :(

  • Richard

    This sounds great to me, can’t wait to see what it actually is.

  • Michael Ernest Sweet

    I cannot wait to get my hands on one … or maybe two !!

  • Kamil

    With the increase of sensor size (which is pointless for a GRD) they’ll probably bump up the price as well.

  • G

    A more proper replacement for the old film GR series!

  • Aristide

    It will be nice to see up to date IQ from a GRD but the essence of the GRD is also to fit into a jean pocket. That will not be possible with an APS sensor. We will see, but if it grows to the size of, say, a Leica X1, it would lose part of its soul. I was kinda hoping for a 1″ sensor in current footprint….

  • Lex Jenkins

    It’d need to be a revised GXR sized body rather than the GRD. Just to squeeze the 1-inch sensor into the RX100, Sony had to resort to heavy internal processing to offset barrel distortion. But a 1-inch or CX type sensor in a hypothetical GRD5 would be doable and pretty dang awesome.

    A revised GXR, with APS sensor, sans the nifty but fussy modules – that’d be very cool. Just stick with a good fast midrange zoom like the GX100.

    Either way, Ricoh’s ergonomics and control interface beat the pants off the competition.

  • Bär

    I think the consept of the GRD Famili is right the way it is right now. I love the CCD Sensor and the thin shape of the Camera. When i need a biger Sensor, i tacke my FX Camera.

  • whensly

    you can have my thin GR III, I’ll accept a bit more bulk for a ricoh with an APS-C thnx! Why don’t they cut to the chase and just go FF?

  • RealChangePH

    1″ sensor + built in viewfinder. With minimal size increase. Please.

  • xc1427

    if the body size cannot maintain at the same level as old grd, the an aps-c sensor makes no sense.

  • Marry Root

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  • Jen Xi

    There’s a Ricoh with APS-C. It’s called the GXR.

  • whensly

    if you read above I said, I want a full frame. I love the GRD’s not the GXR system thank you

  • Jen Xi

    I was referring to “you can have my thin GR III, I’ll accept a bit more bulk for a ricoh with an APS-C thnx!”

    You could trade your GRD III for a GXR since it has an APS-C and a bit more bulk. ;) But I get what you mean, the GRD is in a different league compared to the GXR.

  • Chad


    The original GR cameras were full frame. Why is it pointless for the GRD to move in that direction? Sorry, but as a GR owner and previous GRD owner who loves the Ricoh interface, a larger sensor can’t come fast enough.

  • Chad

    Pretty sure the good people at Ricoh understand this concept.

  • sergio

    it should be like the fujifilm x100, maybe with a better design. OVF, manual diaphragm on the lens and “small” as possible.

  • Danonino

    Well as long as it has à near silent leaf shutter and about 40mm lens (FF equivalent) I would be more then happy to throw out all My Nikon gear and nerver look back…

  • Michael Ernest Sweet

    I second that, 1″ sensor with built-in viewfinder and keep it small. Also, keep the famous 28mm ricoh lens. Please Ricoh, PLEASE!!

  • ricoh

    i love that i still use my grdiii and don’t feel the need to upgrade. it’s usablity is something for other companies to envy.