Man Watching TV Police Chase Suddenly Captures the Real Thing on Camera

This past Sunday, there was a 2-hour-long police chase in Inglewood, California. A man named Jason Lee was watching it unfold live on his TV, and for some strange reason decided to record the broadcast using a handheld camera. Then the unexpected happened: the chase suddenly became a lot more real to Lee as the whole thing unfolded before his very eyes. Luckily, he captured the whole thing on camera (warning: there’s a bit of strong language).

The resulting footage in the video above is now going viral online.

(via NBC and Doobybrain)

Update: In case you’re doubting whether this is real, Andy Baio took the news footage, removed the 10-second delay, and synchronized it to Lee’s footage (you can even see Lee’s house and silhouette):

  • Juh Boi

    I thought the car was going to run through his house or something. LOL

  • Mansgame

    That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! Maybe I need to get out more.

  • Derek

    The news report made it sound like the guy being chased was doing laps, the guy recording knew that the car was coming his way, again.

  • 3ric15

    Same, like he was drifting on to his property lol

  • tyrohne

    Our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things related to photography./endquote

    Well, lately I’m beginning to wonder.

  • harumph

    It might inspire someone to always have a camera handy for those fleeting moments.

  • quickpick

    gee, that must like one in trillion chance! :D

  • C.K. Lee

    I think in LA, it’s more like one in 10.

  • Edin Chavez


  • Craig

    The chase on TV and he chase outside his house are two separate chases, unless the TV chase wasn’t live.

  • Michael Zhang

    I think news stations introduce a brief delay even to “live” broadcasts, lest there be something tragic that unexpectedly gets beamed out to viewers (which happened recently).

  • harumph

    It gets more interesting: A commenter at boingboing pulled a screengrab where you can see the guy shooting the above video through his window.

  • Craig

    oh.. that makes sense

  • Ignacio

    FAKE – Distance between chased car and patrol it’ insanely different on tv and “real” camera, so sorry.

  • D.G. Brown

    The delay only works if someone with their hand on the button is actively watching the live feed :-/

  • Leonardo Abreu

    lol, looks fake ^^

  • nick

    WOW, i thought i was the only one that notice that.

  • Duke Shin

    It’s like Portal when you see your own back…

  • Mak Wa

    Vehicles have to brake to turn the corner therefore pursuing cars will make up the distance, also I’m sure police have advance driver training and will know how to driver quicker around corners. The other thing is the chase ended up on a narrower street so they may have slowed down after the turn.

  • 9inchnail

    There is always someone watching everything that’s broadcast. After the Janet Jackson incident during the Superbowl, there is no actual live TV any more. There is always a delay to allow them to stop the broadcast. If they managed to stop the car and maybe shoot the driver, they would propably cut the feed before you would see it.

  • 9inchnail

    Recording your TV with a camera… because VCRs are too mainstream.

  • S

    Fun video…..but I’m wondering is this the place for it?

  • tyrohne

    Yeah because we all don’t carry one in our pocket/purse?

  • rawkaphella

    I’ll never understand why you would record your TV with a video camera… They make a really cool device called a PVR. It helps you watch it later.

  • harumph

    Because he knows that the chase is headed for his intersection, and he’s planning to shoot the cars going past his window.

  • Tom Waugh

    Yep. I thought so too.

  • Won Word

    Goodness! Thank you for the “strong language” warning. I nearly had the vapours when that ruffian uttered his vulgarities! Imagine some people so uncultured in public!

    A real gentleman would never THINK of being so uncouth.

  • wrench

    The chase was delayed on the news. Stations rarely broadcast these chases live any longer, hence why he was so surprised.

  • Bua

    LOL! This is hilarious and bizarre.

  • The One

    Not true. There are several sporting events that ARE actually broadcast live while the viewers view it as it is happening. I.E.