Fujifilm Announces the X20 and X100s, Boasts the ‘World’s Fastest Autofocus’


There has been no shortage of leaks, pictures and rumors surrounding Fujifilm’s followups to both its X10 and X100 models, but things just got official.

Only two days before the company gets to show off its new stock to the world at CES 2013 (and with little in way of mirrorless competition from Olympus, Sony and Panasonic, apparently) Fujifilm has officially unveiled the X20 and X100s.

As we expected, the main focus (pun forthcoming) of both of the cameras is blazing fast AF. In fact, although the X20 can focus a bit faster (0.06s according to Fujifilm), the X100s boasts the world’s fastest AF for any APS-C, non-interchangeable lens camera (at 0.08s). In addition, both cameras also sport the much-requested ‘focus peak highlight’ feature for manual shooters.


Other than focus improvements, the remaining feature upgrades involve improving the photo capturing innards. The X20 will come equipped with a 12MP 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor running alongside a EXR Processor II and through an all-new Advanced (not Hybrid) Optical Viewfinder that syncs up with your zoom. The X100s, on the other hand, sports a 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor attached to the EXR Processor II, supposedly producing “high resolution images, comparable to those taken on full-frame sensors” — quite a claim.

Another notable feature of the X100s is something Fuji is calling the ‘Digital Split Image’ display function, which should further aid manual focusing by displaying dual images on the left and right. And although the less-intense X20 doesn’t come with this particular feature, both cameras will be able to shoot Full HD video at 60fps.

Pricing and availability are still conspicuously absent from either of Fuji’s press releases, but expect more details once CES gets off the ground in 2 days’ time.

Update: It appears that the announcements were published prematurely. They have since been taken down. Consider this a leak for now.

Thanks for the tip, Agustin!

  • Sporkguy

    *Crosses fingers for new XP1 firmware that enables peaking*

  • Taylor Bass

    I hear “worlds fastest auto focus” from every new camera that comes out.

  • Hexx

    That fastest AF comes with an * :) fastest from compact, fixed lens APS-C – how many are there? Leica X2, Fuji X100 and 2 Sigmas

  • bubi


  • cheap shots for real

    sounds and also looks quite good, except the viewfinder which is not even near the corner. is fujifilm going to compensate the costly rhinoplasty for us with the bigger horns so that we can use this otherwise hot novelty with the fastest auto focus (now jeremy clarkson accent here) *in the world*. different design for the next model please, fujifilm!

  • DLCade

    Thanks for the info Will! We’ve updated the post :)

  • David Thunander

    Seriously, THEY can shoot full frame 60fps and 5D mark III cant. Canon are bastards, they just want to save that feature for the mark IIII.

  • Ivan

    X20 silver… need napkins, more napkins!

  • Roy

    How ironic that of all the X-models introduced so far, the two that would benefit most from focus peaking (for use with legacy MF lenses) do not have it.

  • 7enderbender

    OK. and now make it full frame and manual focus and we’re there…

  • Zak Henry

    They aren’t full frame

  • Jason

    Buy a Sony RX1.

  • Austin

    The article says that the X20 doesn’t have the hybrid viewfinder but what about the x100s? I can’t imagine they would take a step back from the current x100.

  • NoName

    It’s coming.. from Sony.

  • Mike Svitek

    Sony SLT-A99

  • DLCade

    The X100s does have a hybrid viewfinder. Only the X20 has the “Advanced” non-hybrid variety. Just wanted to make sure people didn’t think that “advanced” meant hybrid. Sorry for any confusion.

  • jhon doe

    or mark iiiiii :P

  • JS Ward

    I think he meant 1080p vs 720p