Kepler Space Kit Makes Taking Pictures From Space a Snap


Hanging a camera from a weather balloon and using it to snap photographs from the edges of space has become quite a popular project for space and photography enthusiasts as of late. If you want to try your hand at it, but don’t have the time, energy, creativity, or resources to create the space vessel yourself, NYC-based industrial design company Quirky is working on a product just for you.

Called the Kepler Space Kit, it’s a ready-to-fly balloon camera rig that lets you easily start your personal space photography program.

It’s actually an upgrade to the company’s existing Kepler kit, which allows photographers to shoot aerial photographs using a kite. The Space Kit makes some modifications to make the rig space-capable:

The base Kepler kit transforms with minimal waste: the kite turns into a parachute, the rods into landing legs, and the custom mount supports a capsule for high-flying travel. Add a weather balloon and a GPS transmitter, and your iPhone or Go Pro camera will be ready to blast off and return with footage of the great beyond (“Millenium Falcon” decal not included).


The modified vessel can snap photographs and record video from up to 100,000 feet.




Check out this video showing a test launch they did using the kit:

Here are some same photographs they captured:



The product is still currently in the development phase, so there isn’t any word yet on pricing or availability. You can provide some feedback on how much you’d like to kit to cost over on the project’s webpage — perhaps you can help drive the price down for space-lovin’ photographers around the world!

Kepler Space Kit [Quirky via TechTripper]

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  • Dominik Muench

    I like the idea and the results look great, but pilots around the world must be cringing…how does this work in terms of aviation safety…probably not so much an issue for commercial flights but for smaller, lower flying private air traffic these rigs surely would pose a threat ? I remember working on a Tv commercial where we weren’t allowed to shoot a scene with these thai paper candle lanterns in the end, cause the local airport 15km up the road was freaking out regarding flight safety.

  • Mansgame

    So what happens after that thing lands on the windshield of a school bus on the freeway and leads into an accident?

  • William Collins

    probably less likely than a grocery bag landing on the windshield of a school bus.

  • William Collins

    I would love something like this. But I dont see the point of the legs. I wouldnt want them in my shots and could save them money by leaving them out.

  • Anthony Rivers

    The idea of making an off the shelf kit is great, but those legs are a real drawback. It seems odd to go through the trouble of sending your camera 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface for spectacular photos with plastic legs in the frame.

  • Dominik Muench

    thanks for that.

  • Michael Courier

    Just get a saw and make a modification. That’s my plan.

  • Neoracer Xox

    Yea just wait till one of these gets sucked into a jet engine and 300 people die.

  • Maher

    This is great innovation. So much negative “what if” none sense, it’s stifling the human race. We leave on earth with much worse things than a camera on a balloon. Birds fly in the sky and are likely more of a threat than this, what are you going to do, initiate legislation to ban birds from flying? Give these explorers and tinkerers credit for taking risks instead of being a negative, envious fear mongerer behind your keyboard. Why are you typing anyway, your keyboard might electricute you, or you might break a nail typing or you may get carpel tunnel syndrome with all that fear typing you do all day. To all the people that push the boundaries and make things that improve the human race despite all the resistance from the growing wack jobs, thank you and keep up the good work.