Too Lazy to Put Up Christmas Lights This Year? Photoshop Can Help

Photo-editing wizard Corey Barker of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals wanted a photo of his house decorated with Christmas lights but was too lazy to physically put up the decorations… so he did it in Photoshop. All the colorful lights and decorations you see above were ‘shopped in.

Even if you can tell that it’s a ‘shop job, could you tell that it started out as an ordinary photograph shot during the day? Here’s the original photograph Barker started with:

Here’s a time-lapse video Barker created that shows the entire process from start to finish in three minutes:

If you want to learn how to do this virtual decoration yourself, check out this video tutorial put out by Baker back in 2009. It teaches a very similar process to the one that was used in the ‘shop above.

(via John Nack)

  • wickerprints

    I’m sure it was easy for him, but for me, that would be a LOT of work…just to get a PICTURE of the house with lights. I think it would be easier for us mere mortals to just put the damn things up for real!

  • Sno

    Almost 100% sure this requires the same amount of work, like putting up actual Christmas lights. How awesome!

  • Christiaan Lowe-Photography

    It would have saved on buying the lights and paying the electric bill for them,so maybe he is not so crazy after all !! :p

  • BadRoleModel

    Horrible idea. I hope he didn’t show this to his kids and teach them how to be lazy.

  • Jefton Sungkar

    The big tree behind the house went missing overnight! :-O

  • MarvinB7

    Hardly qualifies as lazy. It’s just creative. :D If he DOES teach his kids how to do this, they can skip college, save $100K and go right to work after high school. Fast track!

  • MarvinB7

    Funny. I used to shoot exterior Christmas lights for the packaging for a large US retailer. This was pretty much exactly how it was done. They would send us 1 or 2 strings of prototype lights, which we would hang on some fancy house, and then the Photoshop guys back at the studio would place them on the entire rest of the house. Same with yard inflatables, kind of. Shoot in the studio, guys would place them in the beautiful snowy front yard of some house. Trickery!

  • Mark Wheadon

    Lazy? You think this is truly an alternative to decorating your house? It’s a bit of fun (and done well).

  • Matteo Domenico

    Just beacuse they can use Photoshop?
    Wow, that’s kind of a funny way to see culture

  • Matteo Domenico

    chopped off for the sake of christmas :D

  • MarvinB7

    Ok, try this as a ‘normal’ way to see culture. Christmas has traditionally been about the birth of Jesus some 2000 years ago. How does spending gobs of money on decorations and presents have anything to do with the birth of Jesus? That’s kind of a funny way to see culture, too.

  • Caroline Marie

    Could you tell me which tool you are using to create the lights? I can’t see D: