Sitting Down With of Some of the World’s Most-Followed Instagram Users

Who are the people behind Instagram’s most-followed handles? Soon-to-be-shuttered iPad newspaper The Daily wants to know, and has a video series titled “#No Filter: Behind the Lens with Instagram’s Biggest Stars.” They’re creating short profiles for each iPhoneographer to give a glimpse into their lives and their motivations.

There are four videos in the series so far:

Steph Goralnick (@sgoralnick) is a Brooklyn, New York-based graphic designer and photographer. She has been an Instagrammer since October 2011, and has amassed 263,000 followers. Her style: “colorful mayhem.”

Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) is a Brooklyn, New York-based photo enthusiast who works as a recruiter for New York University. An Instagrammer since December 2011, he now has 261,000 followers. His style: “urban landscapes.”

Alice Gao (@alice_gao) is a New York City-based photographer. She has 283,000 followers.

Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity) is the New York City-based co-founder of Mobile Media Lab. She has been sharing photos on Instagram since December 2011, and has gained 538,000 followers. Her style: “urban landscapes.”

The people here don’t just have hundreds of thousands of people around the world tuned to their stream of photos… they enjoy very nice perks as well from companies looking to capitalize on their massive audiences.

You can follow along with this video series through this YouTube channel. The last video was uploaded in August, though, and the newspaper behind them will be closing its doors soon, so we’re guessing there won’t be any more profiles.

(via ISO 1200)

  • lidocaineus

    It’s an instagram-centric post, so I’m sure we’ll get a flood of people screaming about instagram isn’t anything worthwhile or interesting *eye roll*

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    apart from Alice Gao – their follower counts are completely wrong and Chris Ozer’s link is wrong – shouldn’t be an ‘s’ on the end =)

  • Dan Howard

    …. anyone else noticed that they are all in NYC…..

    ….. anyone think that’s …. interesting….

  • Man.

    This shows us that instagram can made good.

  • Swade

    Aka, people love NYC and has a lot of cool stuff. I do like how they capture it though.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Adam. Didn’t notice that their follower counts had ballooned quite a bit since each of the videos was produced. Fixed

  • karmaportrait

    there’s a joke in here somewhere about this being produced by The Daily

  • Yoni Mayeri

    All these IGers are from NYC, what’s up with that? One of my favorite parts of looking at IG are all the posts from different kinds of people AROUND the world! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE NYC, born and educated there, now living in CA…and enjoying seeing all the posts from people around the globe. The cultural exchange and spectrum of landscapes and lifestyles is fantastic. Please feature some of this too.

  • Stacy

    thanks for this instagram boards :)

  • sgoralnick

    Really? Try @nineteenfiftyone posting from a refugee camp in South Sudan, @keithweaver from Atlanta, @hirozzzz from Tokyo, @twheat from Beijing, @laurenlemon from LA, @pauloctavious from Chicago, @thiswildidea from all over the 50 states, @worlddelulu from Colorado, @robinmay from Toronto, @cucinadigitale from Rome, @jn from Berlin, @vutheara from Paris, @croyable from The Hague, @cubbygraham from Seattle, @hellopoe from London, @benjaminhealth and @moneal from San Francisco, @tylersharpphoto from Dallas, @lizdevine from Portland, @marklobo from Brisbane… just to name a few :)

  • sgoralnick

    I know they were planning to do features in other cities. I would speculate that budgets ran out before they could, especially considering that they are folding altogether :(

  • Beryl Shereshewsky

    Thanks for picking our videos up! I wish we could have done more! :(

  • posesawkwardly

    Nice! Thanks for the list (: I’m following a couple of those already and they’re great. I’ll chekc out the others.

  • sgoralnick

    But yeah, a lot of the people (that I know of, anyway) that have large followings on IG also happen to be photographers in their professional lives. And there are a lot of professional photographers in New York, as well as a thriving tech community that are early adopters of social media platforms, apps, etc. I would imagine that those factors contribute to the phenomenon that you mention, but there are plenty of people from all over the world that are worth following. If you’re ever at a loss, just go to the profile of someone whose photos you love, and check out the people that they follow.

  • sgoralnick

    TheDaily’s offices are in NYC, I think it’s more because of that than a vast conspiracy ;) I know they planned to do more cities, not sure why they never did. Possibly dropping budgets before the whole publication was shut down entirely…