Anamorphic Illusions Created Using High-Res Prints of Photos

YouTube illusion and science channel Brusspup recently did an anamorphic illusion project in which he photographed a few random objects resting on a piece of paper (e.g. a Rubik’s cube, a roll of tape, and a shoe), skewed them, printed them out as high-resolution prints, and then photographed them at an angle to make the prints look just like the original objects.

Here’s the video showing the trippy illusions:

Brusspup has also made the photographs available for download if you’d like to try this project for yourself (click these for the higher-res versions). These should be printed on 8.5×14-inch paper:

This is like what those street artists do with those large-scale drawings created on sidewalks, except done with a camera rather than chalk.

Something tells us printer companies might be interested in using this concept to promote their photo printers. It’d make for some pretty interesting commercials.

(via Colossal)

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  • mlieberman85

    I love how trippy it is seeing him try to focus on a flat object that looks like it has depth, really screws with my eyes.

  • Samcornwell

    At 35 seconds my mind was blown.

  • ronbrinkmann

    I’ve been waiting for a while now for someone to start making anamorphic OBJECTS, not just prints, using 3D printing tech. Actual dimensional objects that look normal from a certain angle but are in reality horribly distorted. Have been involved with doing some stuff like this as forced-perspective for film VFX, but we’re at the point now where anybody with a 3D printer could do it at home. Get on this people.

  • 242342

    why… because we can?

  • Joshua Morin


  • ChrisJ

    This artist, Robert Lazzarini, has been doing exactly this type of work with skulls and more common objects for over 10 years.

  • adathomp

    upvote for cat at the end!

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Yeah, the Cube looked like a TS shot.

  • 4dmaze

    Yes, but the first photo at the top are the original 3D objects. I was wondering how they were going to explain the reflections and the images going up the wall in the video, but it didn’t.

  • DontMessWithTexas

    did anyone get this to work right? I printed them out and they look nothing like what is shown in the video.

  • Sar

    Yeah, the image supplied isn’t like the one they used. Not sure why they bothered.

  • Sar

    Or maybe we need to cut it first… I’m gonna try that….

  • Sar

    Yeah, it’s help….

  • Shaun Selley

    works better when you look at the printout through the lens of a camera rather than the naked eye.

  • Johnnyboy

    Yeah…. It worked perfectly for me

  • dec2076

    yeah, except his don’t look 3 dimensional…they just stay skewed at every angle. He’s an unoriginal douche whou just skews objects..

  • Snake

    How you print the cat :D

  • Obline Ludicolo