Combining Anamorphic Illusions & Forced Perspective to Create a Mind-Bending Ad

A couple of weekends ago we shared a short Ray-Ban ad that demonstrated the concept of perspective anamorphosis in a sufficiently mind-blowing way. But if you thought that video was impressive, this Honda ad will probably leave you speechless.

The ad takes what Ray-Ban did and expands it in myriad ways. Anamorphic illusions are combined with forced perspective to create several illusions that you swear were done in CGI. The thing is, they weren’t. Everything you see in the ad above is a true blue optical illusion of one sort or another.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the behind the scenes video to prove it:

We don’t know about you, but we thought it was pretty cool that they pulled off that entire ad without using any CGI to make it happen, and the world at large seems to agree. Ads don’t usually get this much traction on YouTube: in 10 days the CR-V ad has accumulated over 1.75 Million views!

For more optical illusion madness, check out the aforementioned Ray-Ban ad here, or browse through miniature photographer Michael Paul Smith’s amazing creations here.