Canon Launches Its Own Forum to Give Canonites a Safe Place to Chill Online

Are you a Canonite who’s sick of hanging out in the same forums as photographers who pledge allegiance to other brands? If so, that’s kinda sad — why can’t we all just get along? — but Canon has something new that’s perfect for you. The company has just launched its own official online forum, giving photography enthusiasts a new place to “ask questions, get answers and share experiences with peers.”

Canon USA executive vice president Yuichi Ishizuka states,

We are very excited to offer our customers a place to ask questions, interact and learn more from their fellow Canon users. With the rise of social media, Canon recognizes the importance of connecting users to each other for information-sharing purposes.

The powerhouse camera company is looking to become more in-tune with our new social media-driven world. For extra “hipness,” the new forums have a Kudos system built in that appears to be the equivalent of “liking” and “upvoting” posts. The five main forums are: Camera, Printer, Cinema EOS, Camcorder and General Discussion.

There isn’t much activity in the forum yet, so you’ll be “first”ing a lot if you sign up now.

Canon’s portfolio of social media sites is growing: in addition to these new forums, the company runs a Facebook page with 200,000+ likes and a YouTube account with over 5,000 subscribers.

Canon Forum [Canon via CanonWatch]

  • lucas

    they should launch a 15-85 f2.8 instead of a “forum”

  • Libby Stack

    Do they get badges? Do you have to prove yourself a Canon owner to join? Just like any place else, the trolls will arrive soon just like on all of the others. There are no more safe havens for intelligent discussion except maybe for the old film and rangefinder guys.

  • Sergei Zhukov

    don’t worry, the issue with trolls is easily solved by moderators. Sony/Minolta forum does it very well

  • autumnbringer

    Yeah, I can’t believe they pulled resources off developing lenses to put the forum together. I mean, it would obviously be the same group of people, right?

  • HD Cam Team

    Is there also a section where to REPORT ISSUES, MAKE SUGGESTIONS and REQUESTS FEATURES?

    THAT would be one of the best possible uses, since there isn’t an official direct channel for that.


  • John Kantor

    Of course, Nikon has Ashton Kutcher to answer questions.

  • niki

    Nikonians, ATTACK!

  • Vlad Dusil

    As an owner of a large forum I am delighted to see that corporations are seeing the value behind having a forum community to extend the brand’s social outreach. Social goes beyond Facebook and Twitter.