SmugMug Brings the Ability to Price and Sell Prints Back to All Pro Accounts

Subscription-based photo-sharing service SmugMug caused a lot of grumbling back in August by effectively raising raising prices by 67% for Pro members who wanted to retain all of their existing features. Members who didn’t want to pay double their membership costs could stay at the same rate but lose their ability to price and sell prints. The story and reaction was strikingly similar to Netflix’s poorly-received pricing change enacted earlier this year.

The good news is that SmugMug heard all the complaints, and the better news is that they’ve decided to act upon the feedback. This week the company announced that pricing and selling would be returning to all Pro accounts.

Here’s the new breakdown of features for the Portfolio- and Business-level memberships:

SmugMug explains that after digging deeper into its usage data, they found that most of the storage space — one of the big drivers behind the pricing change — is being used by accounts that utilize the advanced Business features.

By keeping the new pricing model the same while at the same time bringing the ability to sell back to Portfolio accounts, SmugMug is both addressing the main complaint customers had and making sure extra revenue comes in for the growing storage costs.

(via SmugMug)

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Image credit: taking it up a notch by Robert S. Donovan

  • Paul G Newton

    So, I am still stuck paying $20 a month for what they should have left alone in the first place and raised the cost on the people actually causing all the trouble. I think I am just going to cancel my membership anyway. No one buys my stuff there.

  • David Watts

    too little, too late. Was with SmugMug for 2+ years. I’ve been gone since this fiasco broke. Pitiful response.

  • Fred Nerks

    I had a pro account and canceled it when they decided to gouge the
    members, even though I still had seven months of membership left. I
    won’t go back there! FineArt America has them beat, and at a much lower

  • Jon Woodbury

    The value of Smugmug depends on what you are using it for. If you’re a fine art photographer using it as a sales point for a small number of images, it may not be worth it. If, like me, you’re a wedding/event photographer using it for proofing, it’s a steal, even at $300 a year. They were WAY under-priced for what they offered and they finally started charging what they were worth.

  • John Kantor

    So they were too stupid to check until people complained.

  • Max

    I was there 2 years.. had 25,000 images with them in 300 albums.. made a total of $250 that whole time. The limited choices of print labs and the whole ‘Americanism’ of it all prevented my UK clients from ever wanting to buy anything. Then the massive and sudden price hike? That was it for me. All the Smug sites looked the same too.. pretty ugly and void of any personality…

  • Antonio Carrasco

    maybe the fact that you had “25,000 images with them in 300 albums” prevented you from selling more prints.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    This is a good example of customers standing up to a company’s shady attempt to rob their customers.