Transcend Crashes the Wireless Memory Card Party, Launches Wi-Fi SD Cards

Just a few years ago, Eye-Fi was the only company at the wireless memory card party; now the dance floor’s starting to get a bit crowded. Transcend launched its own line of Wi-Fi SD cards yesterday, joining Eye-Fi, SanDisk, Toshiba, and PQI.

The cards come in two capacities — 16GB and 32GB — and carry a SDHC Class 10 rating for transfer speeds, which is the same 10MB/s speed that Eye-Fi recently upgraded its cards to.

Photographers can use the Transcend Wi-Fi SD card in two modes: Direction Share and Internet. Direct Share mode allows for peer-to-peer connections between the camera and up to three other Wi-Fi devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets). A “Shoot & View” feature lets you instantly review photos as they’re snapped on your device.

Switch to Internet mode, and the SD Card can connect to the Internet through a special mobile app.

The app is called Wi-Fi SD App, and is available for both iOS and Android devices. It collects the photos that are automatically beamed to it and organizes them into neat collections. Users can also browse photos, watch videos, download files, and share content through the internet (on social networks or through email).

Wi-Fi-enabled desktop and laptop computers will also be able to interact with the card through a special browser interface.

The cards should be hitting store shelves very soon, and will cost $69 and $99 for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively. By comparison, Eye-Fi’s flagship 16GB Pro X2 card costs $100.

To download the special app, simply visit the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore and do a search for “Wi-Fi SD.”

  • Aaron Thomas

    Oh I want so much….now to find $69 for the 16GB version. It would seriously make taking photos on my DSLR and uploading them to Twitter much much easier

  • Kimberly Siebert

    Cf version is needed.

  • Kimberly Siebert

    Cf cards next please Transcend

  • Hynee

    You can do it with a SD->CF card adapter, here’s John Ricard’s experiences with that (later in the video, performance is a bit flakey but not card or adapter’s fault).

  • Dennis Cacho

    Yes a CF version would be great. But I may just try the SD for a few things. Nothing major like a photoshoot.

  • DafOwen

    Oh interesting – EyeFi website says they don’t support CF card converters

  • AlphaValues

    Why do all these wireless connectivity offerings require sending images out through the cloud to someone else’s servers? As much time as they spend putting these android/IOS apps together, you’d think they’d be able to put FTP, NFS and SMB stacks on the cards so I could write to my own fileserver IN THE SAME BUILDING AS I AM.

    I’m not clear on the value to the manufacturer of trying to warehouse however many thousands of terrabytes these cards are going to send to them. That’s not an insignificant cost.

    And I say that as someone who’s worked in networking and software development for years.

  • gautch

    the Eye-fi card doesn’t require this. Its an option, but not a requirement.

  • eraserhead12

    YAY! transcend cards are dirt-cheap but good quality. knowing the way memory always drops in price, these babies will probably be $30 and $50 in the next couple years, if not less. remember the days when 2GB was considered large?

  • Gary

    It’s all a bit – well, peripheral. Why don’t cameras just have WiFi built in?

  • Geebs

    A hack might work like this…. Peer to peer to ur smartphones dropbox which then syncs to your fileservers dropbox. Just a suggestion, but im totally with you on this.

  • Leif

    Toshiba FlashAir doesn’t require any internet connection or service

  • 232323

    canon has….

  • Hynee

    “Doesn’t support” doesn’t necessarily mean “definitely won’t work with”. It may be as simple as they haven’t paid a licensing fee to whoever owns the CF spec.

    (Sry for reply to 6 months ago, I just discovered Disqus notifications.)

  • Quako

    I would have to disagree with you and say that the greatest invention of mankind is the Thermos. It keeps cold things cold and hot things hot…..How does it know! Gotcha.

    Seriously, I enjoyed your video presentation a lot. Thanks for the helpful information.

  • Hynee