New York Magazine Cover Features Photo of a Blacked-Out New York City

Everyone seems to be talking about the cover photo of this week’s issue of New York Magazine. It shows NYC blacked out after Hurricane Sandy, and was captured last Wednesday by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan from the open door of a helicopter 5,000 feet above the ground. Poynter has published an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how it was shot:

Baan made the image Wednesday night after the storm, using the new Canon 1D X with the new 24-70mm lens on full open aperture. The camera was set at 25,000 ISO, with a 1/40th of a second shutter speed […]

It was more difficult to rent a car than a helicopter in New York the day after Sandy, Baan said. And because there was such limited air traffic so soon after the storm, air traffic control allowed Baan and the helicopter to hover very high above the city, a powerful advantage for the photo.

NY Mag editors say that picking the cover photo was the easiest choice they had to make this past week. They’ve also published a slideshow featuring 10 aerial photographs Baan captured that night.

Architecture photographer explains how he got that New York magazine cover shot [Poynter]

Image credit: Photograph by Iwan Baan/New York Magazine

  • Tom Bryan

    a 40th of a second on a helicopter with no IS?? brave soul and beautiful and moving photograph (especially as a New Yorker)

  • Jason

    Has he not heard of gyro mounts, then you can take longer exposures and not use high a high ISO. Yo would think he would know shooting from choppers all the time.
    I’m surprised they managed to make an article out of this rubbish, he just got in a chopper and snapped a few pics.

  • jake

    thats an awesome picture and a nice how-was-it-done-story. better this than a umbrella-mounted-on-a-tripod-story

  • Im12WhatsThat

    Cartier Bresson just walked down the street and snapped a few pics too.

  • Max

    Just wait till God brings Armageddon to that town then you will see a real black out..

  • Mike Z UniquePhoto

    Big deal it still looks great, especially in print, at this size. There are a lot of reasons why buying a gyro mount is a poor investment.