Sony RX100 Selected by Time as One of the 50 Best Inventions of 2012

Earlier this year, New York Times gadget columnist David Pogue wrote a glowing review of the Sony RX100 large-sensor compact camera, calling it “best pocket camera ever made” and saying that “No photos this good have ever come from a camera this small.” It seems like his review was on the mark: the camera has since received similarly enthusiastic reviews across the web and was awarded “Advanced Compact Camera Best Product 2012–2013” by the EISA. Now, Time has selected it as one of 2012’s best inventions, saying:

Digital cameras have been getting smaller and more capable every year, but that trend took a huge leap forward in 2012 with the Sony RX100, which bridges the gap between point-and-shoots and pro-quality digital SLRs. Sony’s innovative design and 1-in. (2.5 cm) sensor allow the camera to take flawless photos even though it’s 20% slimmer than your average digital SLR—small enough to fit in your pocket.

Google Glass and a tactical ball camera were two other photo-related inventions that made the list.

(via Time via SAR)

  • obican

    I seriously want to beat this guy(and many alike) to death, screaming “IT’S NOT AN INVENTION YOU STUPID C**T, IT’S AN INNOVATION!”.

    Learn the difference.

  • Bob

    Sigma DP2m?

  • Ellen Jantzen

    I’d love to give this a “test drive”!

  • Renato Murakami

    Where’s Nokia Pureview on that list? Kind of a huge miss, isn’t it?

  • madmax

    This is only marketing. How much payed Sony for this advertisement in Time?

  • madmax

    Sorry, “paid”

  • Jonathan Maniago

    I won’t deny that it’s a fantastic product, but as an invention? Give me a break.

  • Karen K

    I love this camera.

  • Tahir Hashmi

    20% slimmer than a DSLR? Should that be “20% as thick as a DSLR”?

  • Theis Kofoed Hjorth

    Omg a small camera that takes high-res picture! Big deal – we wan’t cameras that’s nice to shoot with, and this isn’t so. Specs aren’t everything.

    Oh, and the term large-sensor should be reserved for digital large-format cameras, this is merely a “larger-than-small”-sensor, not a large-sensor :)