SF Man Feels the Fury of the Internet After Posting Photo to FB As Joke

Roberto Baldwin of Wired writes about how an SF man felt the fury of the Internet recently after pretending to be a bus-smashing rioter photographed after the SF Giants won the World Series:

The photo in question went viral pretty quickly, at least around the Bay Area. Reddit has a thread dedicated to finding the man in the photo […] San Francisco resident Tony Lukezic saw it Monday night after some people pointed out that he looked like the vandal. “A couple of my buddies said, ‘Hey, this guy looks like you,’” Lukezic told Wired. Instead of just laughing the resemblance off, Lukezic switched out his profile picture with the offending photo and began to boast that he was indeed the bus smasher. It seemed funny right up to the point that someone took a screen grab of conversation under the profile pic and posted it to Twitter.

A few hours later, the screen grab wound up on the Facebook page of a San Francisco nightclub called Red Devil Lounge, where commenters began posting Lukezic’s phone number, information about what sort of car he drives, and pictures of him and his son. He also started receiving anonymous messages from outraged citizens.

How a Facebook Joke Made One Guy San Francisco’s Public Enemy No. 1 [Wired]

Image credit: Photograph by Susana Bates

  • David

    That’s a good example how the internet can work against you.
    If you do something incredibly stupid like this you deserve to be mocked and made fun of.

  • Renato Murakami

    I never re-share pics like that one because of internet vigilante cases. It did show up in one of the blogs I regularly visit – 9gag.
    What the guy did in the pic, whoever he really is, is really wrong and he should be arrested.
    But people with too much free time on internet go too overboard on certain things… it’s the angry mob in numbers of hundreds of thousands – that is the problem.
    Plus an overall lack of critical sense (both from people who are making judgements on pics alone, and people who are directly involved with them).

    Prank and death threat calls, account hacking, etc etc… all easy to do on the internet, and too much for one person alone to go against.
    Lukezic there will probably have to switch phone number and maybe even car because of that.
    Overall, he might still be lucky because it didn’t get too popular or too spread… but I’ve seen one too many cases of people taking internet reaction lightly and paying a lot for that.
    The worst part is the overall fragmented internet memory. I wouldn’t be surprized if years from today, someone will find this pic again and decide to call Lukezic because he/she don’t know the full story.

  • Sid Ceaser

    Rule #1 when using the internet: don’t be a dumb-dumb.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    No, that’s a good example (one of many) of why you should stay the hell away from Facebook.

  • Bob Honiker

    Stupid has consequences!

  • Roy

    It’s a rather sad state of affairs when (pretending to) destroy(ing) other people’s property is something to boast about.

  • Andres Trujillo

    In one hand, I hate internet vigilantism. But in the other, if you commit a crime (real or pretend), DO NOT TAKE PICTURES. If you do, do so while knowing that there may be consequences

  • Dan Jerger

    what a Bush for Brains.

  • Hey Roy

    is it?