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Man Attacked in SF for Photographing Accident


A man in San Francisco was beat up last week by a group of 3 people after he took pictures of a freak accident on the street. The whole assault was caught on camera.

The incident occurred last Tuesday when a taxi driver had a medical issue, which caused him to hit the gas and steer the yellow cab onto a city sidewalk, striking a shoeshine stand and critically injuring two workers there.

Peter Muller was one of the bystanders who decided to take photos of the accident scene as things unfolded. A group of 3 people noticed what he was doing.

“These 3 lovely individuals verbally attacked me for taking pictures at the scene,” Muller says. “They thought it was offensive for me to take pictures.”

As the 2-minute video above shows, a verbal argument ensued.


“There’s 500 other people over there taking photos,” Muller says to the trio. “Why are you yelling at me?”

Muller says he told the man to “get his girl out of my face,” and then turned to walk away. That’s when Muller was “sucker punched” in the head from behind by the man. Wrestling the man to the ground, Muller was then punched and kicked repeatedly by the two women.

After police arrived on the scene, witnesses stepped forward and supported Muller, including the man who captured the video above. Muller snapped a photo of the trio as they were being arrested:


“I find it very poetic that these people got angry about pictures/video and are probably going to be f**ked by a picture/video,” Muller says. “All 3 criminals were arrested and charged, litigation in process.”