“As for You Instagramers, Twenty Years from Now You’ll Be Sorry”

Photojournalist Kenneth Jarecke wrote up a thought-provoking piece yesterday titled, “Instagram, the Devil, and You.” He offers his thoughts on the question, “Will ‘Instagram photojournalism’ stand the test of time?”:

As for you Instagramers, twenty years from now you’ll be sorry. You’ll be more sorry than I am when I look back on a picture I made twenty years ago with a 20mm lens when I should have used a 28mm. Years from now, you’ll awake in the middle of the night and suddenly realize putting a fake border on a picture makes the whole picture fake. You’ll understand that the technical choices you made destroyed the longterm credibility of both you and your images.

Instead of having a body of work to look back on, you’ll have a sad little collection of noisy digital files that were disposable when you made them, instantly forgotten by your followers (after they gave you a thumbs up), and now totally worthless. You’ll wish you’d have made those images on a Pentax K1000 and Tri-X (at the very least or most depending on your age and perspective), but the times you failed to record properly will be long gone. But don’t listen to me, listen to all your Insta-friends. They love you.

Instagram, the Devil, and You [Mostly True via The Click]

Image credit: Part of an art project involving tiny pics of my art — using #instagram as one part of the medium. by kimboburly

  • John Mueller

    The same thing goes for photographing weddings, making them look faux-vintage,or always shooting into the sun, only shooting natural light. It might look cool/trendy now, but in 20 years you’re photos will look like they were shot from an amateur.

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    I imagine that 20 years from now, photographers will probably care about Instagram as much as this writer now cares about, say, AIM or Xanga – which is to say, not at all.

  • Fat Heffalump

    Blah blah blah snobbery blah blah blah you young kids today blah blah blah get offa mah lawn!