7 Colorful Hours of a Sunset Captured in a Single Photograph

Turkey-based photography enthusiast Isil Karanfil created this beautiful image showing an entire sunset in a single photograph. Karanfil fixed her Nikon D60 in its view of the seascape, and then shot a single photograph every hour for seven hours between 3pm and 9pm as the day turned into night. She then took the resulting photographs, sliced them up, and combined them together using Photoshop for the image seen above, which she titles, “Sun Lapse”.

Other photographers using this technique have been calling it “time-slice photography.” Examples we’ve highlighted recently include Gabriel Brammer’s image of a telescope in Chile, Richard Silver’s images of New York City buildings, and pioneer Stephen Wilkes’s “Day to Night” project.

Wilkes’ time-slice images are created with enough images such that each slice blends seamlessly into the next. Someone should definitely take this sunset time-slice idea and shoot enough photos to make it seamlessly transition from left to right. Imagine how amazing that image would be!

Sun Lapse by Isil Karanfil (deviantART via SnapBlog)

P.S. Doing a similar idea in a grid pattern using different white balances produces an interesting result as well.

Image credit: Photograph by Isil Karanfil

  • Jonas Andersen

    To be honest I don’t find these time slice images that special. A few are great, but they often involve hundreds of slices and not like this one, only 7. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder so others may very well find the above image great, but in my humble opinion it’s really not worth a spot here on petapixel, nor anywhere else.

  • Dan Howard

    I have to be honest, this isn’t that fascinating. anyone can take several photographs, stack them into a photoshop document and cut the layers up. I’d be more interested in seeing a subtle blending between the various time frames.

  • Anonymous

    If such an image was made without Photoshop, now that would be worth a feature

  • Anatole

    “…to make it seamlessly transition from left to right…”Challenge accepted!
    …actually I’m a bit disappointed with the result… =P

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm… Yeah the transition is quite abrupt. Perhaps having more hours on the darker end would help.

  • Anatole

    Yeah… It worked well on full daylight (despite being boring), but the sunrise and sunset didn’t “fit”… Maybe I’ll try doing it only with the sunset, it should work…