Photoshop Fail Leaves Girl with an Extra Eye in Official Class Portrait

A Swedish photography company called Skolfoto Norden received some embarrassing press this week after a girl discovered that she had three eyes in the official class portrait it shot.

After sitting with her class through a pretty routine photo session with a photographer at her school, sixth grader Tilde Nörgaard was surprised to receive a class picture that showed her with a third eye at the top of her forehead.

Swedish newspaper The Local writes that although the photo company does Photoshop its photos, they were baffled as to how this mistake happened.

“When we went back and looked at the original picture no one had their eyes closed. There wasn’t anything that might need correcting,” head of photography David Nabb told The Local.

He explained that when students in school pictures have their eyes closed, the company “in emergency situations” sometimes retouches the images by digitally cutting and pasting an eye from another student in the picture.

The company has offered Nörgaard ~$225 for the mistake, and is planning to send out corrected versions of the yearbook to the school’s students.

(via The Local via Reddit)

P.S. Just last week, there was a hoopla in Sweden after a school photo company began offering retouch services for things like cold sores, running noses, and black eyes.

Image credit: Photograph by Skolfoto Norden

  • MrRocking

    The illuminati? They’ve marked her for greatness in the New World Order.

    Or just tiredness.

  • sierrarobba

    This looks like an X-File.

  • Mr.C

    Eye can see the problem.

  • MikeAlgar42

    Oh not a pun, these comments always get cornea and cornea as they go along.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Photoshop fail????
    WIN is more like it!

  • newamericanclassic

    “when students in school pictures have their eyes closed, the company “in
    emergency situations” sometimes retouches the images by digitally
    cutting and pasting an eye from another student in the picture.”

    lol so what happens if say, I’m the only asian person in the class and I have my eyes closed? paste on caucasian eyes?

  • Dan Howard

    she looks fine to me, kids go through these phases, she’ll be ok once she gets through puberty

  • Ripley

    If you happened to close your eyes, wouldn’t having someone else’s eyes on your face be worse as it would … change your face…

  • Philip

    She must’ve been one of the brighter pupils in her school.

  • JACD

    Will you all just put a lid on it?

  • Christian Biggins

    Maybe the photographer just had something on his lens?

  • Roy

    Where does it say that the other student has to be from the same class? Or even the same school?

  • Mr Fibbers

    Iris my case

  • John R

    If I’m doing a group photograph I take at least five shots and layer them in photoshop. Then if someone is blinking or looking away I just mask in one of their better images. I’m even getting tempted to put cameras way off to the left and right too, to get the awkwards who insist on hiding behind everyone else.

    This girl is probably a Freemason though.

  • Mark Fogarty

    Here’s my guess as to what happened. They’re processing photos in Lightroom, not Photoshop, and copy/pasted Develop Settings from one photo and applied to another. However, they forgot to uncheck Spot Removal from the Copy Settings dialogue box.

    I run into that a lot when I’m developing a batch of images shot under the same lighting conditions. I have to be very aware of what settings I’m copying and pasting.

  • Joel Hägvall

    not proud being from sweden..

  • Crissa

    From another student? Not their own eyes from another take? O-o

  • newamericanclassic

    haha right in the text I quoted: “.. from another student in the picture”; and you know, it says “class portrait” in the title if you paid attention.

    I just made the brilliant inference that using another student’s eyes from the same photo in a class portrait means–well, I think you can put that together now.

  • Stu Marks

    40 lashes to the processing co.

  • Stu Marks

    Yeah, I thought the same thing. Like, they only take one shot?