Photo Shared by Google VP Shows That Snapseed for Android is Alive and Well

Google recently reaffirmed its commitment to keeping recently-acquired Nik Software‘s high-end photography tools alive, which led some to believe that Snapseed — Nik’s popular photo editing app — would be neglected or shuttered. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

If you look at the Supported Platforms page on the Snapseed website, you’ll find a note that says Android support is “coming soon”. How soon? Well, Vic Gundotra — Google’s SVP of engineering and a major player in the Nik deal — has leaked through his Google+ page that Snapseed for Android is already up and running.

On a flight to Baltimore yesterday, Gundotra posted a photograph shot through his airplane window. The annotation on the post states that the app used to upload the photo was Snapseed. Take a peek at the photo’s EXIF data, and you’ll see that the Make and Model of the camera used to shoot the image was SAMSUNG SCH-I535, otherwise known as the Samsung Galaxy S III — an Android phone.

If you’ve been discontent with photo editing options on your Android device and have been waiting for Snapseed to arrive, get your $5 ready — the app looks like it’s coming in the very near future.

(via Digital Trends)

  • bradleyeasom

    This makes me insanely excited. I’ve been waiting almost a year for the arrival of Snapseed for Android.

  • Mr Lu

    i use Camera ZoomFX, Instagram, Pano for taking pics, and then PicSay Pro, Paper Camera, Aviary, Adobe Photoshop and PerfectlyClear for editing. And maybe i still got some other photo apps which i dont use that often. These apps allow me to take pics at any way possible with my HW (currently SGS ii) and then edit them and share them in any thinkable way. Can someone tell me what Snapseed for 5$ could do what the above mentioned battery of apps can’t? Thx.