Stunning Macro Photographs of Insects Glowing in the Morning Dew

French photographer David Chambon is a master of macro insect photography. An amateur photographer for over 10 years, his goal is to capture the magical beauty of nature through his imagery. All of his macro shots are amazing, but it’s his morning dew series that stands out from the rest. He ventures out early in the morning, and photographs various insects perched on flowers and leaves, glowing from the tiny beads of dew that coat their bodies.

Originally from Lyon, France, Chambon currently resides in Dampierre-les-Bois. His photographs are mostly shot using a Canon EOS-1D Mark III at 252mm. I’m guessing he’s using a Canon 180/3.5L macro lens paired with a 1.4x teleconverter, which changes it into a 252mm f/4.5 macro lens. [Update: Jeremy tells us it’s a Tamron 180mm macro lens]

You can find more of his work on his website and in his Flickr and 500px accounts.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by David Chambon and used with permission

  • Jeremy Hammons Photography

    Tamron 180 macro with 1.4 TC

  • om4ti


  • leroy

    go and buy a sony a99!!

  • manuel

    mmm a sony a99 will do a better job

  • Alamin Mohammed

    Those are some amazing macro work. Really love the details on the droplets. Maybe he should change the amateur status though, or else i need some downgrading to do.

  • Helio Guilherme Cunha Pfau

    Awesone! Great post and pics.

  • sixlocal

    Are we sure these are “real” photos and not just insects he’s frozen and then put outside?

  • Chris Lyn

    Really nice.
    It’s like the insects are covered in Swarovski crystals.

  • Gene C

    Ok, who left the bedazzler lying around again??!?

  • Joe Glory

    Absolutely fantastic photos but I feel the effect of the morning dew was done by a mist from a spray bottle. Then again I may be completely wrong, but then his timing is incredibly awesome to catch all these insects with the ultimate mist on them before the daylight evaporates it! I it love these pics!

  • B.

    Definitely dead insects with some “upgrade”. That kind of dew on those unlucky bastards is simple unreal and/or fake.

  • LuciteBrian

    Some amazing insect pictures!

  • Sonia

    The photos are stunning. However I am also wondering about the dew. Such quantity of dew on an insect would mean it has been immobile for quite a long time, which is not too likely. But then, if they were sprayed, wouldn’t they fly away, unless they are dead ?

  • Glenn

    what is like to be such a dooosh?

  • Gary Bridger

    Been sprayed , Insects just don’t allow them selves to get like this, they can drown.

  • Jampy Joe

    these are really beautiful, but I think it’s more likely he carries around a spray bottle than this being morning dew. just in case someone wants to go get similar pics, don’t be surprised if all the insects you find are relatively dry looking in comparison. (even if the plants are covered in dew)

  • Jampy Joe

    I’m 99.9% positive you’re right. I’ve seen lots of morning dew on camping trips and stuff, but insects don’t really get covered in it the way plants do. also, a lot of macro photographers use the spray bottle trick.

  • Jampy Joe

    I think the insects are alive, but it’s definitely a spray bottle rather than dew. it’s a common trick for macro shots to spice them up with a nice mist from a spray bottle. still the photos are great.

  • MisterLoto

    The amazing pictures which demonstrate that beauty is in every little thing around us.